New REST Implementation for SystemInformation

I want to create REST implementation for System Information which is under Legacy-UI module. I have identified the required SystemInfo code base files in module repo.

Now I want to implement REST for this functionality. I have referred Wiki tutorials also. (For Module developers and for Core developers). But I couldn’t find out the exact to way to perform this task.

Can someone help me to implement REST for this functionality? (It would be better If anyone mentions the extract ways)

@suthagar23 will help?

A very similar example would be the orderentryconfig resource in the REST web services module:

Thank you @harsha89 and @darius for the tips. I am new to REST development and I have created the SystemInfomationResource1_8.

Using this resource I can get the System information objects using REST Test part.

But I got this following error when I try to catch the GET request using my browser ,

What is the missing part in my SystemInfomationResource1_8. Can somebody help me to resolve this?

This is the error log for the exceptions here :

How can I resolve this problem?

What happens if you access this URL using postman or some other REST client (specifically, with the Accept header set to application/json)? I.e. this might just be a problem in converting the response to XML…

(Also you could try adding .json to the url in the browser.)