Manage Scheduler Implementation on SysAdmin OWA

Hi All,

I working to migrate scheduler functionalities from Legacy UI module to SysAdmin Open Web App. Currently, I am completed the most part of REST resource implementation and created following UI part for the Manage Scheduler :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa I will continue the updates about Manage scheduler through this talk thread.

Great work @suthagar23 :slight_smile:

@suthagar23 Is it possible to add the ability to run a task manually (basically now)? Currently the approach is to change the execution time to 5min ahead, however this is fundamentally wrong since it changes the actual scheduling and could cause issues in production.

@dkayiwa thoughts?

@suthagar23 would you like to add that?

@ssmusoke So you just wanted to run that task immediately (simple with a button press)?

@dkayiwa for this type of action will give the meaning of schedule? Shall I add that functionality with a different heading.

Yes a column with with title Run Now and an arrow to do so would be sufficient

So I wanted to list all Task Classes which are available in the OpenMRS to achieve this functionality. Then user can just click on the Run Now button to execute those task immediately.

I have implemented the Manage scheduler functionalities in the SysAdmin OWA. Now user can able to,

  1. Schedule / Shutdown the tasks
  2. Reschedule the tasks
  3. Reschedule all the task
  4. Shutdown all the tasks
  5. Start Start up tasks
  6. Delete tasks
  7. Add/ Edit tasks

@dkayiwa I will provide the final implementation soon :slight_smile:

Some of the Manage Scheduler screens,

What is the red bar at the top when i click Add Task? Am testing this on modules-refapp

@dkayiwa Please ignore that Alerts by now in the Manage Scheduler Section :slight_smile:

I am working on that alerts right now. I will update the REST module and OWA with in few hours

@dkayiwa Completed .

You can now download the compressed Zip file here and Web Services REST Module with Scheduler Resource here.

PR :

Commit for the changes :


I have updated the OWA in the module Ref Application :slight_smile:

Now you can check the Manage Scheduler functionalities on module Ref Application

@suthagar23 can you please first finish the rest webservices module pull request such that it gets merged for testing?

@dkyiwa Yah I am working on that. I just want to complete ModuleActionController1_8Test to merge the PR :slight_smile: