Getting ready for the Google Code-In 2018

Hello every one,

Google just announced the program for this year, and they planned to organize the event one month before as usual. As they said in the blog post,

We are pleased to announce Google Code-in (GCI) 2018, the 9th consecutive year of our contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Please be aware GCI will start about a month earlier this year than in previous years - the contest starts for students October 23rd!

  • Organization applications open on September 6, 2018 at 21:30 (India Standard Time)
  • The contest begins for students on October 23, 2018 at 21:30 (India Standard Time)!

OpenMRS community participated in the Google Code-in as the mentoring organization for several years. So I hope, this year also we will be there for the mentoring :slight_smile:

Anyhow, What would be the plan for OpenMRS?


We’ve had some amazing students in GCI over the years. This year there will be 6 finalists to select (always good to see more people :grinning:).

@ivange94 and @bholagabbar volunteered to be Admin and co-Admin last year. Would anyone like to do so this year ? @suthagar23 , @mavrk, @reubenv, anyone else ? I’d love to help you guys out with the proposal. :smiley:

For Reference :

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Hi @jtatia

I would like to take the Admin position this year. Actually I’m working on the process right now :smile:

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Thats great. You can checkout the talk posts i have added as reference, and reach out to older Admins. :slight_smile:

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Yes, got it @jtatia. Thanks.

Should have said @ivange94 and @bholagabbar volunteered to be admins(or co-admins) last year. When you say it that way seems like admin and co-admin are separate roles :slight_smile:

@ivange94 made a great attempt at trying to single handedly manage everything at the start, unfortunately I got involved much later due to being caught up in unforseen circumstances. He is right, the admin and coadmin must equally share the responsibility :slight_smile:

Would love to see @jtatia and @reubenenv volunteer as admins.

I wikl still be mentoring this year!

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Yes @jtatia I’d love to help in any way possible :smile:

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Hey, I’d love to help out in any way. Would also love to mentor this year!

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Hi every one,

The Google Code-in 2018 is just opened for the Orgs registration. So the Organizations can register from September 06 - September 17. I am referring on the registration process and will add more details soon.


Please find the open invite to join into the GCI 2018 here : GCI - 2018 : Plans, Proposals, and open invite to join in!. I hope to see, every one will be there :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d just like to say that last year’s GCI was an amazing experience! I’ll definitely help out this year by applying as a mentor :+1:.

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@suthagar23, knowing that our application is due in less than a week, I’ve started populating the list of mentors on the page.

Can we find at least six more volunteers this week to mentor GCI?

Yes sure @burke. I will keep updating other mentors in the page, and will make the necessary changes.

How to update the RSS field of the GCI? The link given for the RSS is

The Wiki Page for the Google Code-in used this RSS link to update the latest info. But still I can see only the GCI-2017 updates.


So any ideas to update this RSS link with latest posts?

Cc : @burke @ivange94

If you want the RSS feed to update, then post to the GCI category.

I have updated the thread with the GCI Category. Thanks @burke :slight_smile: