GCI - 2018 : Plans, Proposals, and open invite to join in!

Hello everyone,

Google Code-in is just opened for the organization registrations. The organizations can register as a mentoring org from Septemper 06 - September 17. Then the contest begins for students on October 23, 2018.

What is the Google Code-in?

The Google Code-in (GCI) is an online contest to introduce pre-university students/high school students to the world of open source development. Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 are invited to take part in Google Code-in. Mentors from the participating organizations lend a helping hand as participants learn what it’s like to work on an open source project. GCI Participants get to work on real software and win prizes from t-shirts to a trip to Google HQ.

There are some changes in the current GCI 2018 contest compare to the previous contests. Those are,

  • Orgs will evaluate the 20 students completing the most tasks with their org when deciding on finalists and winners
  • Orgs will choose 6 finalists (instead of 5)
  • We have renamed the User Interface category to Design
  • Students will have to wait until Google reviews their Parental Consent form before they can claim their first task. This will slow things down but it is a requirement to be able to continue the program.
  • No tasks asking for personal information about students will be allowed (this includes tasks asking for students to introduce themselves with info like what country they are from, or photos of the students, etc.).

As part of the GCI formalities, we are working on identifying potential tasks for high school / secondary school students (ages 13-17) to work on. Please note that the GCI tasks must be relatively simple for the kids, and may not be limited to coding or programming tasks.

The GCI tasks may categorize into one of these following categories and within each category, we should indicate the level of difficulty using Levels 1 - 3 (where level 1 is the easiest level and level 3 the hardes)

  1. Coding : Tasks in this category may include, small bug fixes, small feature implementations, code clean up, etc [e.g. GCI-218, GCI-200 ]

  2. Documentation / Training : Tasks in this category may include, making video tutorials, blog posts and also helping others in forum, IRC and telegram chat, etc.[e.g.GCI-169 ]

  3. Outreach/ Research : Let the student for researching about a given task to create a report. [e.g. GCI-139]

  4. Quality Assurance : Tasks in this category may include, testing some OpenMRS components, sub-components and UIs. [e.g. GCI-180 ]

  5. Design : Tasks in this category may include, creating a simple designs of banners and tshirts, desgining the UIs using simple web technologies and etc [e.g. GCI-227]

Important Dates of GCI 2018

  • Organization Registration : Sep 06 - Sep 17
  • Mentoring organizations announced : Sep 18
  • Contest available for students : Oct 23 - Dec 12
  • Mentoring organizations submit the list of Winners and Finalists : Dec 27, 2018
  • Grand Prize Winners and Finalists announced : Jan 07, 2019

For more information about what GCI is please visit the program website : Google Code-in official website

OpenMRS as a mentoring org for GCI-2018

OpenMRS participated as an mentoring organization in Google Code-In(GCI) for several years. Like that the OpenMRS will apply for Google Code-In 2018 this year. The community members and past event mentors worked with so many high school kids around the world and mentored them to get some useful contributions and outcomes from those kids.

I’m working on the process of preparing the proposal for GCI 2018. So I would like to invite all the community members to provide their suggestions and ideas to make this event better!

  • We are calling for a Co-Admin who have enough time during the contest to work with the Admin and other mentors to organize the event.
  • We are calling for potential mentors to guide the kids and help them to enter the Open source world through GCI.

If you like to volunteer for Co-Admin or Mentor, please comment your name in this post.

As far as I know, there is no barrier of entry for GCI mentors at OpenMRS :slight_smile: . So anyone is welcome to volunteer and help us to make this event successful. But please consider these aspects,

  • You don’t need to be a committer to any project or a long time active member in OpenMRS.
  • You just need to be willing to give at least 3 - 5 hours a week to create tasks, review and/or provide feedback to students during the contest time.
  • You just need to participate in the mentor discussions for the tasks improvements, accept/reject status discussions, selecting finalists for OpenMRS and finding the plagiarisms among the works.
  • Please read these requirements for the GCI mentor
  • Guide them and make them happy to enter the Open Source
  • Please don’t sign up just to get the GCI t-shirt :smiley: though that is not forbidden too

Hopefully, I’m expecting to encourage all OpenMRS GSoCers and community members to volunteer their time and mentor GCI. It’s a really rewarding program.

I would like to organize and carry out the Google Code-in 2018 for OpenMRS this year and waiting for the guidance of the admins, past mentors, and students to run this contents successfully!!!



I won’t be able to give the time required by a co-Admin. Still, feel free to ping me if you ever need help with registration or organizing the event. I would love to participate as a mentor though :grinning:.


Thanks @suthagar23 for taking the lead on this. I will be a mentor.


I just got an idea about having a GitHub repository for GCI. Please provide your comments and suggestions here :

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Be sure to have more than one ACTIVE co-admin.

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Thanks @r0bby. Let me consider this as well. By the time, Would you like to be a mentor for this year GCI :slight_smile:?

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While my time is limited, I’ve enjoyed helping out on prior GCIs (helping clean out the review queue as I’m able) and continue to be amazed with what GCI students can do, so I’d like to be a GCI mentor again if you’ll have me. :slight_smile:


@suthagar23 Thanks for the lead ,i’d love to follow in bigger dev’s foot steps and mentor a teenager with the little experience i have gained. :grinning:


I totally loved being a GCI participant and mentor last year and am so grateful to OpenMRS for being selected on the trip last GCI, so I’d love to be a co-admin or assist in anything for the GCI process. I’ve got lots of time to donate as my classes are very easy this semester and can commit to 10-20 hours per week.


Thanks @suthagar23 for the call, I will be a mentor :slight_smile:


@suthagar23 I would back @ykarim250 for co-admin. Also I would like to be a mentor for this GCI if given a chance :smile:


Hey @suthagar23 great post. I’d love to be a co-admin or assist in any possible way. I was a GCI mentor last time around and had a great experience.


Hi @suthagar23, I’d like to be a mentor this year


@suthagar23 i wish to know if you have a position of assistant mentor. I have never participated before but i wish to help someone even given a chance.


Hi @suthagar23, I’d like to volunteer to be a Co-Admin this year, or assist in any way possible. My classes are easy during GCI 2018 and so I’m able to put in more than 8 hours per week.

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Hi @suthagar23 great post with detailed information. I too would like to become a part of this. :slight_smile:

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Hi @suthagar23,

If there is any room for the mentoring, consider myself as well. I will be able to allocate the required amount of time to review and provide feedback on tasks. :slight_smile:

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This is thrilling @suthagar23 :smiley:,

Am quite brand new to opensource but given the opportunity, am glad to say I would like to mentor.

Best regards.

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hi @suthagar23 , I would like to be a part of this iniative too :slight_smile:

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I hope to help with issue creation and review again this year.

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