Error while connecting to the implementation server to verify implementation

Sync Module generates the following error when trying to Change implementation Id setup.

Error while connecting to the implementation server to verify implementation

@aramirez, I believe we inadvertently deleted this tool as part of this process.

FYI @cintiadr, @burke

PS- the implication of this is that it’s probably impossible to (a) register a new Implementation ID during initial setup, or (b) changing it, as Alejandro points out.

Thanks @darius , I would really appreciate it to know when it’s up again since I’m currently configuring some servers in Ghana and they are all stuck with the same implementation Id.

CC: @cintiadr , @burke


I assume this should be working now, I recovered those files.

Just so I understand, what exactly means to ‘verify/register implementation’? What is this ID used for?

@cintiadr Your question is sort-of answered here:

(In practice I’m not sure where/if we actually use these implementation ids today, since OCC no longer exists.)

@ball, @arbaughj, @burke do you know if these are still used?

@aramirez I faced the same problem. Restart Tomcat & it would vanish.

Thanks @darius @cinthiadr it now works properly

@darius @cinthiadr is this broken again? I’m unable to change implementation names for new implementations,\

I get this message:

Your implementation id is in use by another installation. Please choose another source key or enter the valid passphrase for this source id. Note: The server stored description of the given passphrase is:

I’m currently creating a number of test servers and really need this to keep track of current and future implementations.


(@cintiadr, you were mentioned with a typo)

@aramirez it seems from this other post that this was broken as of October (docs and resources migration). I was on leave then and missed this message. I’ll comment on that other thread about how we can get this fixed.