Implementation ID is back!

Follow up from docs and resources migration and Error while connecting to the implementation server to verify implementation

The service once available in is now available in

Http won’t work. As you are sending a passphrase, it’s a must to send it encrypted. Our certificate requires a reasonably updated version of java (latest 7 or latest 8 at least).

I refactored the service, made it a container. It’s hard for me to understand the requirements of this service, as I don’t seem to find the code which is actually using it. But it’s returning either 200 (created or recovered) or 403 (wrong passphrase).

The code is in github:

Note that I didn’t recover the old database, for several reasons:

  • Passphrases were not encrypted, and kept in multiple locations on the database
  • Most entries were created by bots or junit tests
  • If you use your implementationid for the first time, it will be recreated.

Let me know if you run into problems.

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Thanks @cintiadr for getting this back! :dancer:

Great work @cintiadr!

We now need to upgrade openmrs-core to handle this (maybe it’s resolved by this ticket: or maybe we need a new ticket). And this needs to get backported to supported OpenMRS versions.

(I’m just sort of saying this and hoping someone else does it…)

Actually the correct ticket for this is