Can I delete these files from resources?

We do have some static resources hosted in one of our servers, and I’d like to remove things which are not being used. hosts our javadocs, but I believe that’s the only thing today that needs to be there.

I’m planning on deleting all the following files: (locks your browser :D) (same files for doctype_old) (takes you to a deleted page in our wiki) (old logo?) (old logo) (probably not used???) (probably not used???) not used???) (?) (does anyone uses this?) (no idea)

Also, I’d like to call it ‘’, instead of ‘’, while keeping the old name as an alias. Thoughts?

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I think doctype should stay. I think it’s referenced in our modules config.xml files.

Testing looks like something Burke typically sets up for testing releases. He can comment on whether to delete it.

Are there other names this server is known by?

-Darius (by phone)

No, those specific resources are only served by this domain. I do have, which is a proxy to, but that would be everything I have in there.

The server itself has a few other domains configured, but to server other things (atlas, modules, so on).

I know we use resources for doctype and API docs. The short link to the data model browser may go thru resources… not sure. But I use that often. I’d like to keep the testing page for now (will plan on moving that to a github page later.

The rest is historic and can be zipped up to S3 and deleted.

docs with resources as an alias sounds good to me.

I will be doing this today.

So is a thing now!