Trouble setting implementation id

I’ve been getting the following error when trying to register an implementation id:

Your implementation id is in use by another installation.  Please choose another source key or enter the valid passphrase for this source id.

I’ve tried submitting a completely random 20-character implementation id to ensure it’s unique, so I’m pretty confident that’s not the issue. The problem seems related to this issue from last year: Error while connecting to the implementation server to verify implementation

Is the implementationid endpoint down again? cc @cintiadr

PS I’m using the following html form in the admin module to set the implementation id: /openmrs/admin/maintenance/implementationid.form

Hum, I will check it tonight.

I do have monitoring if the application is up, but it’s hard to guess if it’s actually working. It doesn’t seem like, or I forgot everything.

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I now have a quick-fix workaround so this is no longer as big of an issue for me personally, but FWIW, I get the same error when trying to register on

For anyone who’s interested in the workaround: the following sql command will manually insert the implementation id into the database

insert into global_property (property, property_value, description, uuid, datatype, datatype_config, preferred_handler, handler_config, date_changed, changed_by) values (
'implementation_id', '<org.openmrs.ImplementationId implementationId=\"YOUR IMPLEMENTATION ID HERE\"> <name>YOUR ORG NAME</name>\n<description>YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE</description>\n<passphrase>YOUR PASSWORD HERE</passphrase>\n</org.openmrs.ImplementationId>', NULL, UUID(), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL

This is obviously not as desirable since there’s no actual communication with the centralized implementation id management service and unique implementation ids can’t be guaranteed.

Thank goodness I created a good Readme :smiley:

Looking at the logs (UTC time): - - [17/May/2019 01:05:24] "GET /tools/implementationid HTTP/1.0" 404 - - - [17/May/2019 01:05:43] "POST /tools/implementationid HTTP/1.0" 404 - - - [17/May/2019 05:46:12] "GET /tools/implementationid HTTP/1.0" 404 - - - [17/May/2019 05:47:34] "GET /tools/implementationid HTTP/1.0" 404 -

It seems to be reaching /tools/implementationId instead of / . Do you reckon that’s the case?

Yup, it looks like the implementationid service is running fine, but there’s a bug in openmrs core that has people using the wrong endpoint.

Also it looks like openmrs-core uses cleartext http:// by default, which exposes implementationid passwords, even if the implementationid service is actively trying to redirect people to https://

There’s already an open PR with the fix (both correct endpoint and https:// usage):

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Indeed, that was a while ago, I’d thought it would already merged and released a while ago…