Design Forum 2019-07-03 : Establishing a Design UI Squad to support Design Activities in the Community

Following ongoing discussions around design actives in the community we would like to hold a call on July 3rd 2019 to discuss and establish a UI Design Squad to support ongoing work around Microfrontends and Appointments Module

We hope that this will kick-start the framework through which a sustainable design squad can be established.

Some of the ongoing discussions include:

@gschmidt @bistenes @ddesimone @isaacholeman @jdick @monasaleh @sarahgift @biancajembi @lwgeorge @ruffjm


Hey Everyone

I wanted to confirm if we are still going to have this meeting tomorrow? 6pm UTC?

There is a OpenMRS holiday on Thursday and I am not sure if some of the participants are taking a half day off?

The is an open slot for the Monday July 8 slot .

Kindly indicate your availability on this thread

Thanks for checking on everyone’s availability for a Wednesday Design Forum on this, @c.antwi. Rather than responding with availability in this thread and to make rescheduling (if necessary) easier, could we set up a Doodle poll for 3 July as well as a couple of alternate Design Forum slots?

As per @jennifer recommendation please let us select from the options below:

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Hi, I see @jteich can make next MondayJuly 8, perhaps best to hold off this call until then

@gschmidt Sounds good will go ahead and Reschedule for July 8

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Hi, looking forward to the call,

I wrote a draft on how to organize an EHR UX Design Lab

As well as document to track updates around this topic

Feedback on these would be helpful - see you on the call. Thank you.