New Appointments UI within microfrontend framework

We (AMPATH) are in the midst of a transition from scheduling appointments as obs to using the appointments module. We would like to begin design on the UI for both scheduling appointments as well as queue management. We would like to design this as a microfrontend to make it reusable to multiple implementations. There are still many decisions to be made by the microfrontend squad with regards to technical architecture. However, I do think it is appropriate to begin the design process for this module while we await guidance from the MF squad.

To that end, please let me know if you have interest in working on the design of this widget. As a side note, I know there are also ongoing discussions of the formation of a design squad. Perhaps, this could be an item to add to their queue (once formed).



cc: @jecihjoy, @gregory, @ssmusoke, @aojwang, @joeldenning, @burke, @isaacholeman, @tgreensweig, @mogoodrich, @jennifer,


Excellent @jdick being the greedy person, I think it is a great that your team is working to implement the use case which will provide the MF squad sufficient learnings to guide the decisions to be made.

Maybe instead of waiting for the MF squad your team can suggest “answers” to the design questions to provide learnings


JJ, this is the perfect way to go, and i like the intention of making it reusable to multiple implementations. That was the sweetest clause. :smile:

There cannot be a better time than this, to give the microfrontend squad, a real use case, to guide the technical architecture!

PIH is interested! fyi @ddesimone @mseaton @bistenes

For those of us who understand the module, what do you think the initial steps should be?

should we start by sharing the data models and the UI screenshots explaining the work flow of the current UI? If yes should we share it here or through a google doc?


@jdick, what a great opportunity! I appreciate your willingness to open this up to others in the community who are interested in working on this design.

The first step is to form a UI Design squad who can focus on this widget and work in collaboration with the MF squad. @jecihjoy, I think this design squad can then provide the guidance you are looking for.

I suggest we use an upcoming Design Forum to talk about this new UI Design Squad - purpose, roles, communication, etc.

Hi, I think it would be helpful to share

  1. What the intended use cases for the appt module are. (eg. specific use case examples in mind. Consider writing these as ‘user stories’);

  2. The current appt data model we have to work with

  3. The way that appts are scheduled in the current state (eg. without this module).

Dear All, thanks for your replies.

A few suggested next steps:

  1. I’d like to create. slack channel specific to this widget to enable more casual conversation on this module. I would encourage big ideas to continue to be dicsussed on talk (i have no specific definiition for big ideas).

  2. Greg will take lead in design work. However, I hope others will be interested in joining him. @ddesimone are you interested in working on this project? @isaacholeman? Greg and Isaac are also taking more formal steps on the formation of a design squad. Likely more details to follow on this but willl leave that for separate thread.

  3. Greg has started a user story document here I would encourage anyone interested participating in this project to provide user stories and comments here.

  4. We would like to move as quickly as possible. This has both practical implications for us at AMPATH (we would really like to move towards using appointment module) but it also has strategic importance for the microfrontends squad as it will hopefully provide a good use case to demonstrate how multiple implemneting organizxations can work together on creating a reusable widget within this framework.

  5. From the AMPATH side, @jecihjoy will be leading this effort on the developer side. Please let me us know if you are interested in collaborating on the dev side!

  6. On the product management side, I have asked a PM at AMPATH (@eachillah) to help PM this. If you are a PM interested in working on this , let us know!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.


@jdick perhaps should you create an epic or story in Jira and create a channel that connects to that high level ticket. When work on the epic/story is definitely over, the channel can be archived or become dormant.

Just yet another idea as how to use Slack in regards to other workflows.

In any case please invite me and @snehabagri.

This is great @jdick! I’m excited for a specific use case to start working through the design, and the fact that use case will be helpful to nearly all implementers. Count us in from the iSantePlus (Haiti OpenMRS) implementation. Please invite me, @valvijo, and @ccwhite23

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That’s a great idea @mksd. In our typical development lifecycle, we normally spend some time first better describing the user stories before creating them in JIRA. Once we get a little further a long, we’ll definitely start using Jira for project management.

I also think once this is clear, more specifically what they envision the process flow would/is supposed to be then I would jump into helping the design part of it. So count me in @jecihjoy


Dear All,

It would be great if you could review the google doc outlining various user stories. We (AMPATH) have contributed a section at the bottom of the document based on feedback we’ve received after several meetings with various users. It would be great to get input from other implementing organizations with regards to user needs.

Here is the link to the document.

Please let us know if you remain interested in working on this project. We would like to schedule a call in the near future - perhaps the design forum on monday (is this time available @c.antwi?).



Hi @jdick the slot is available

Regards Cynthia

Just wanted to post this discussion thread from Bahmni regarding this ongoing topic

Definitely seems like parallel initiatives here between the new Appointments UI microfrontend and the plan to rework the Bahmni Appointments UI, worth discussing if there can be some collaboration here… @c.antwi @jdick @angshuonline


Happy to discuss. Btw, its not just the UI thats different, the server side model is different too!

We are fairly open to anything. The downside would be that we recently spent a good amount of time updating the stardard appointments backend. However, as we are yet to implement, it would not be a headache to change the backend from that perspective.

Angshu, is there interest on the bahmni side to create the ui as a microfrontend?

many aspects to that question

  • future architectural alignment - yes.

However, there needs to be fair amount of refactoring to be done - front and backend modules, along with conceptual/design level agreements.

  • given our current capacity - thats a really tall ask :frowning:

Could we schedule a Design Forum to discuss next steps around this? Next Monday’s slot is available.

@jdick @angshuonline @jecihjoy @mogoodrich @eachillah @mksd