UI Squad Support : Microfrontends

Hey Everyone

@gschmidt and @sarahgift and myself will be discussing the work that has been ongoing regarding UI design on the Mircrofrontends project tomorrow Thursday 2pm UTC, 3pm WAT, 5pm EAT on https://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

@sarahgift is a product UX/UI design specialist based out of Lagos working in the ed-tech and health spaces. Her portfolio of work can be found here http://sarahegwu.gbgyaba.com/ , https://uxfol.io/sarahegwu01

Background regarding this meeting can be found here:

On Talk:

On Slack: https://slack.openmrs.org Channels: ux-design advisory & microfontend

All are welcome.

cc @gschmidt @sarahgift @monasaleh @bistenes @ddesimone @biancajembi @lwgeorge @zanedickens @cromwel

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Just cross checking, did the time for this call get changed from 4pm UTC to two hours earlier at 2pm UTC?

No, this is a separate call with a new volunteer designer

Microfontend call is at regular time.

Oh i see! Thanks @gschmidt for the clarification. :slight_smile: