Business Analysts and Designers : Improving Presence in OMRS activities

Hey Everyone ! Happy New Week!

We are looking to engage with Business Analysts, Designers and other HCI specialists to begin formalizing a way in which we can meet more regularly to discuss all issues design.

Most importantly we are looking to establish a team that can help release managers define requirements for features in each release.

Key Topics we would like to discuss and document are:

  1. How do we create a space for BA’s Designers and Non Dev’s to play are role in OMRS activities
  2. Establishing/Updating wiki page to introduce BA’s and Non Dev’s to OMRS activities ( we currently have this page up on the wiki
  3. Forming a regular group to discuss BA related topics
  4. Determine meeting frequency

We currently have just launched the release process for Platform 2.3 and are urgently looking for your support.

Please share you interest on this talk thread. I will also be on Uberconference today 25th March 2019 during Design Forum if there is anyone who wishes to start discussing.

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Hello Cynthia @c.antwi, I want to discuss the user interfaces, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams at this link, if you please.



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@monasaleh I am unable to open the link

Could you please resend

Here they are @c.antwi. I will post every business model in a post. This is number 1 model about (Interferon Safety Assessment).

This is number 2 business model about malignant hypertension assessment. @c.antwi

This is number 3 model about Pre-eclampsia assessment @c.antwi

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Hi @monasaleh thank you for sharing. Could you please provide a bit more background to the images you have provided so that I know how best to give feedback

Hi @c.antwi, As for the pre-eclampsia assessment diagrams and user interface, they are adapted from this paper.

@monasaleh thanks for sharing this . Let me review and get back to you

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As for the malignant hypertension diagrams and user interface, they are adapted from this paper:


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