Contribute to the 2018 Bahmni Roadmap

Hello Everyone:

The Bahmni coalition team is currently working on developing a 2018 Bahmni roadmap. The process began in January with information gathering from different implementing partners and during this month we are kicking off the process of gathering feature proposals/ improvements. I kindly welcome interested members to submit features proposals/improvements for review and inclusion on the upcoming 2018 Bahmni roadmap.

The Bahmni Roadmap process consists of three steps. The first two happen continuously, and the last happens twice per year:

  • Proposal of product enhancements
  • Initial review and prioritization of proposals into a proposed roadmap by the Bahmni Product architecture team
  • Final review and approval of proposed roadmap.

In 2018, the regular roadmap process will take place between February-March, and August-September.

We are finalizing on the official Bahmni roadmap process which will be shared once it is complete.

To submit a proposal, kindly use the attached template and share it with me via one of following methods:

The idea behind this template is to have a standard way of proposing new features/improvements for the Bahmni product. The template has guiding statements/questions to ensure that adequate and essential information is provided on a feature.

All submitted proposal are tracked using this Trello board.

Submissions submitted before or on the 20th of February will have high chances of inclusion on the 2018 Bahmni roadmap that will be out around the end of February and early March.

Bahmni Product Proposed Feature Template.docx (7.7 KB)



Hello Everyone:

Thank you to everyone who has already shared their feature proposals. I would also like to take this opportunity as well to kindly remind anyone who has a Bahmni feature proposal to go ahead and share it.

The process of submitting features is open all year round and one can track their proposed feature via this Trello board.

To submit a proposal, kindly use the attached template and share it with me via one of following methods:

  1. Reply to this post and attach the document.
  2. Email the proposal to bahmni-community-manager ■■■■■■■■■■■■
  3. Send me a private message on talk and attach the document. My talk id is @christine

In case of any questions or concerns, kindly do let me know.

Bahmni Product Proposed Feature Template.docx (7.7 KB)


I would propose improving the organization of all Bahmni documentation. At the moment there seems to be a lot of information in different places, and the structure is not always clear. Also more data structure definitions, details and examples would be welcome, including exhaustive details of ALL configuration parameters and options, as currently many are missing in the documentation.

Hello Everyone:

The first draft of the Bahmni roadmap process is ready!

To access the document, kindly use this link Here.

The document describes the process of developing the Bahmni roadmap from the point of information gathering(feature proposals) from the community at large; review of the feature proposals by the product architecture team(PAT) and adding them to the roadmap; tracking of the feature proposals and finally, review and approval of the roadmap by the Governance Committee.

I welcome everyone to go through the document and kindly raise any questions or concerns you may have on the process and I will provide clarity.

Thank you.

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The Product Architecture Team has spent the last couple months reviewing suggested items, and we are ready to propose a 6-month roadmap to the Bahmni Governing Committee.

First I should point out that there are more developers working on Bahmni implementations than on the core product, and we expect and encourage them to work both on enhancements that included in the roadmap, and also things not explicitly prioritized here. We will opportunistically merge these things into the Bahmni product as soon as they are ready. (In other words, the fact that something is not listed here does not mean we won’t help you merge it!)

Some statistics: there were 40 suggested items in this round, 36 of which had enough detail for us to properly discuss. We did quick assessments on the March 7, March 14, and March 21 PAT calls. I did some very rough size estimates, and sorted the proposals by a very crude value vs effort score. We then discussed our plan on the April 4 and April 18 PAT calls.

Proposed Roadmap:

I will be presenting this proposed roadmap to the Governing Committee today/tomorrow, and will update here based on the outcome.

(Comments welcome here too!)

The Bahmni Coalition Governing Committee approved this roadmap on today’s call. We’ll get it posted on the wiki soon.

See also Bahmni v0.91 Release Timeline for timings of our next release for devs and other contributors.


We are planning a full implementation at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Is there any further detail on the status of items in the roadmap for with expected release dates?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Denis,

Bahmni 0.92 is focused on the platform upgrade. We are still quite sometime away, at this point I would say 3 months (making it to 2019 January). No major features are planned for 0.92. its going to be about stability and reliability focused.

Are you looking for any specific feature in the roadmap?


Thanks for the info. We are embarking on a full scale implementation at our hospital in Laos. Our requirements include a rework of the IPD module and a new medications management system. I had seen the mock up for the new IPD but did not see if there was any progress on it.

Is there anything happening in 0.92 that we should be aware of as we take on some reasonably big development projects?

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