Bahmni v0.91 Release Timeline

In today’s Product Architecture Team call, we set some stakes in the timeline for the next release.

Dev work must be complete, and QA will commence in 4 weeks, on May 16


As a developer:

  • any work you intend to include in this release must have a JIRA ticket with fixVersion=0.91
  • everything must be completed and merged before May 16
  • our bandwidth to merge pull requests is limited; if you don’t send a PR well before May 16, we might not be able to merge in time
  • draft documentation for new features must be ready before then
  • any volunteers with some bandwidth to review/merge PRs? Now is the time we can use you!

As a non-developer:

  • Bahmni does not have a dedicated QA team; we are counting on all of you to help us carry out a Community QA Process that beginning on May 17.
  • We are especially looking for someone to act as a QA lead for several weeks. Please reach out if you can do this!
  • Also, any targeted help on updating documentation would be very valuable

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the work moving forward!


Thank you @darius

From *Extra* Bahmni PAT call 9-May-2018

We are delaying the code freeze date by 2 weeks, to May 30. This will be the only delay, and anything not merged by that point will be delayed until a later release.

Our capacity to review and merge pull requests is currently a big bottleneck. We are calling on all Bahmni devs to help with this! You don’t have to be a core team member, or a senior dev to be able to help with this.

This JIRA board will show the 0.91 tickets in a Needs Code Review state (vaguely sorted in order of priority):

You can pick any of these tickets and help review the pull request; if you’re not familiar with all of the Bahmni product yet, pick one in an area you are familiar with. Some of them are quite small and just need a second set of developer eyes.

See this helpful PR Review Guidelines wiki page that Angshu has written up.

Remember that any level of review will help us get as much as possible included in the 0.91 release!