Bahmni PAT call 21-Feb-2018

On tomorrow’s (today’s for some time zones) PAT call we’ll focus on choosing high-value pieces of work that the core dev team can work on now, before the formal roadmap setting process is complete.

(We had a similar discussion on Oct 4, which led to choosing Bed Management UI, Searching for Diagnoses by ICD codes, and backup/restore locations, and OpenMRS reports in the Bahmni UI.)

Personally I may suggest that we work on merging the work described at Feedback for enhanced Bed Management module into the core product. (@pramidat can you or others from your team join the call?)

Advantages: (1) exercise the process of having the core team collaborate with an implementation team to get work merged, (2) people have recently mentioned limitations of Bahmni in IPD settings and this is a step to address that, (3) thematically it’s nice to have Bed Management UI and this together in the next release.

We can reserve the last 10 minutes of the call for other business in case someone needs quick PAT feedback on some design issue. (You’d need to post some details on Talk before the call.)

Call-in details

I will be joining the call from my team.

@darius / all, as we haven’t been able to do so during both the last PAT call and the last few coalition calls, we must discuss the roadmap/to do list for the core team today. I would like this to be the first topic in order to make sure that we don’t miss the opportunity once again.

Cc @shruthipitta @binduak @mjsanish @ningosi

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Call notes are here:

We pulled together this short-list of topics for the core team to work on and/or include in the 0.91 release:

  • all bug fixes
  • continue working on Lucene for patient searches (Nicholas +/- others)
  • Support Pramida’s team in merging work from their implementation to the product
  • Theme: i18n improvements
    • BAH-338 - Concept fetching by FSN should be driven by the default locale
    • (Romain already doing this) Fill L10n gaps
    • support merging of work on R-to-L languages, and Arabic
    • Address and patient identifier hierarchy internationalization
  • Theme: registration improvements
    • Integration of appointment scheduling with registration [JSS, Amman]
      • integrating in UI would be nice, but doing it via background task may be sufficient.
    • [later, if time] BAH-460 (identify potential duplicate records during creation)
  • Theme: appointment scheduling improvements
    • limit to providers with a given attribute: BAH-367
    • performance: BAH-459, BAH-462

@mksd and the core dev team will be picking from these opportunistically