Bahmni translation to non-English language (like French)

I did some french translations via the Bahmni project on the Transifex website. But i noticed that only 5.79% has been reviewed, 18.09% translated and 81.91% untranslated. I found that some of the french translation is done 7 years ago and never been reviewed.

What is the review process for translations in the Bahmni Transifex project, and why does it seem to take so long for translations to be reviewed? Are there any specific criteria or guidelines for reviewing translations? Who is responsible for reviewing and approving the translations in the Bahmni Transifex project? How can I contribute to reviewing translations and help speed up the process? Is there a way to prioritize the review of certain translations, especially those that have been waiting for a long time? How often are reviewed translations integrated into the Bahmni project, and what is the process for this integration? Are there any plans to improve the translation review process, making it more efficient and faster?


Best regards. Mayo

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  1. I have updated category of this post to “Bahmni”, so the Bahmni team/community can see it.
  2. I don’t think we have pulled translations from Transifex for quite some time, nor pushed new strings into Transifex. I will let @angshuonline or @binduak comment on this.
  3. If you want the translations from transifex to be merged, maybe we can setup a call, and take your help to merge the French translations back into Bahmni Github, and put new strings onto TRANSIFEX.
  4. There is no published PLAN for when these things happen, but ideally close to a release, I feel we should consider doing this.
  5. Bahmni is a community project, and need community members to review/approve/merge translations of non-English locales. Most volunteers/team members only understand English/Indian languages. Therefore this is done on need-basis, with help of qualified teams who need it.
  6. Many implementors of Bahmni have forked it, and added their own translations and deployed it – but not merged them back into Bahmni / transifex. So, we don’t know about it all. See these (Hospital/Implementation specific implementation section):
  7. Latest Strings are all here:
  1. Some older threads of conversation on locales:

I hope this helps, and thanks for contributing!

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Hello Gurpreet Luthra,

Thank you for your detailed response and for updating the category of my post to ensure the Bahmni team can see it. It’s great to learn more about the current state of translations in the project.

I appreciate your suggestion to set up a call to discuss merging the French translations from Transifex into the Bahmni GitHub repository and updating new strings on Transifex. I am eager to help with this process and contribute to the project.

It’s understandable that Bahmni is a community-driven project and relies on volunteer contributions for reviewing and merging translations. I’d be happy to assist with the review and approval process for French translations, as well as encouraging other community members who speak non-English/Indian languages to participate.

Thank you for sharing the list of repositories and the file with filenames containing translations. I will review them and familiarize myself with the latest strings.

I also appreciate the links to older threads discussing translation issues. I will go through them to better understand the history and context of the Bahmni translation efforts.

Once again, thank you for your support, and I look forward to collaborating with the Bahmni community to improve the translation process and make Bahmni more accessible to non-English speaking users.

Best regards,

Mayo Brahim

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This JIRA issue will be used to track the merging work.

[BAH-2348]: Package translations available in Transifex for Bahmni

Here is also an example of how Mekom have tranlated concepts/forms in FRENCH for Haiti, while deploying Bahmni. (Search for FRENCH on this page).

Repo Link: openmrs-config-haiti/configuration/concepts at master · mekomsolutions/openmrs-config-haiti · GitHub

Hi Gurpreet,

Thank you for sharing this valuable resource. The work done by Mekom for the Haiti deployment is impressive and will certainly provide a useful reference for our French translation efforts.

We’ll take a closer look at the example and explore how we can utilize this approach effectively for our specific needs. I believe this will greatly contribute to our understanding of how to structure and manage translations within Bahmni.

Thanks again for your guidance and support.

Best Regards, Mayo

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Hi @dev11

The latest translations from transifex have been pulled into Bahmni. These should be available to view on the Dev environment of Bahmni LITE here:

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Hi gsluthra,

Thanks for the update! I’ll take a look at the translations on the Dev environment of Bahmni LITE and provide feedback if necessary.

Best regards, Mayo @dev11

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