Bahmni RTL Distribution with Arabic language

This is to announce that we have successfully build and released Bahmni Right-to-Left (RTL) Distro with Arabic language support.


Bahmni community is pleased to announce the Bahmni RTL version with Arabic language support.

The version supports a Right-to-left (R2L) user interface, offering strong UI/UX support and a superior user experience for implementations across Arab-speaking countries.

This development will facilitate the implementation of Bahmni across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

It will also enable the development and localization of the software for other R2L languages like Hebrew, Kurdish, and Farsi.

This will increase Bahmni’s adoption across the MENA region, contributing to strengthening the digital capacity and resilience of the local healthcare systems that serve the most vulnerable populations.

We thank Dr. Alex Youssef, Dr. Achala Jayatilleke and Dr. Amila Ratnayake for taking this initiative supported by Bahmni Community and IPLit, a Bahmni Coalition member.

RTL bahmni-apps code for 93 release – GitHub - IPLit/module-bahmniapps-rtl-93: Bahmni module bahmniapps for rtl in release 93

RTL bahmni config code for 93 release – GitHub - IPLit/default-config-rtl-93: Bahmni config RTL 93

Brief technical details about RTL Bahmni:

  1. Arabic text translation is done In bahmni-apps/app/i18n directory files adding locale_ar.json file In default-config/openmrs/i18n directory files adding locale_ar.json file
  2. CSS is adapted to be RTL for Arabic language.
  3. Further there are JS/HTML files modified so as user can choose english or arabic language on bahmni login page etc.
  4. Few openmrs global properties are modified like allowed languages list to include ar etc.

Thank You

IPLit Team