Bahmni French Language support

We are working with a client, where we are implementing Bahmni in French language.

As part of first release we are using Registration,Clinical module(Patient dashboard, Orders tab) and OpenElis features. The requirement is, clients want to use Bahmni completely in French given the set of end users in the hospital.

From Bahmni and OpenElis we are able to translate most of them. But we are facing technical challenges for Lab tests and patient attributes.

  1. Lab tests we are trying to configure them by using CSV upload. By using CSV upload we can upload them only in English. If we have to maintain Lab tests in both English and French, it is a manual configuration, this option will not work in the long run.
  2. While these lab tests are syncing to OpenElis, only the English names(The test name provided under English) will sync to OpenElis. Now the problem we are looking at is how can we manage lab tests in OpenElis in both English and French.
  3. Similarly for Patient attributes in Registration page, where we can’t have them in both English and French.

Did you face similar situations before ? Or Any pointers on solving this problem would be helpful.


Hi @padmavati,

Set aside OpenELIS, so for 1 and 2 we faced the exact same situation with English and Khmer. First of all you should know that Bahmni won’t allow you to switch between languages as it is, it will require a number of fixes (that we have already on our forks and are due to PR as part of Bahmni 0.91).

Second we didn’t use the Bahmni CSV import tools but leveraged our own custom module for managing metadata, the Initializer module.

Let us know if this helps.

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Thank you @mksd It is useful, we will definitely take a look at initializer module.

Great, let us know how it goes.

Its README file is very detailed and its test resources can be used as starting points to put CSV files together.
Alternatively you could look at this repo for an entire Initializer configuration example.