PAT 4-Oct-2017: Short-term Roadmap

On this week’s Product Architecture Team call we will discuss the short-term Bahmni roadmap. For more details, and to share your last-minute suggestions, use this other thread:


PAT calls are open to anyone who wants to engage with Bahmni in a product/technical leadership capacity. For this particular call we especially expect those who want input into the short-term Bahmni roadmap.


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Notes from today’s call are here:


  • It’s incorrect to call this a “Bahmni Product Roadmap”; this is really a “To Do List to get the new community dev process up and running”, and this distinction is important.
  • Therefore, we prioritized things that are (a) small/straightforward (b) good intros to the code, © not requiring much BA work or end-user research, and (d) non-controversial.
  • I was able to consolidate people’s suggestions up until halfway through this post into a single list (I didn’t give myself enough time to get everything), and we looked at as many of these as we could in one hour (not enough time).
  • Everything in bold in the call notes seemed “small/simple enough” at a quick glance. We then chose a handful of non-controversial topics from this list.
  • Specifically @mksd has created JIRA tickets for these items:
  • Ability to search diagnoses by a corresponding ICD-10 code: BAH-310
  • Backups to one place: BAH-312
  • Fill L10n gaps. That’s basically chasing hardcoded English words. BAH-311
  • add/modify/delete wards and beds using UI as people struggle doing it via SQL scripts. (This requires some UI mockups, so we will use this to exercise the process of asking for communal business analysis work.) BAH-313
  • Coalition devs will start working on these from tomorrow.
  • Specific people are tasked with starting design discussion on this forum, to turn into future pieces of work.

I added yet another one (preemptively) that we may or may not take on for Bahmni 0.91:

  • Enable Bahmni Apps Reports app to handle ‘date range’ reports from the Reporting module: BAH-314
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@mksd, i have added my questions on the jira card. Would like to understand what is the end usecase to have something like this.

@mksd, the reason I did not originally include that one is that it’s not completely uncontroversial.

Specifically from my end I would like to have some technical design discussion about whether we can do this in a generic way (“allow reports implemented in any technology to be run through the Reports app”) vs a specific one (“Also show reports from the Reporting module with parameters named X and Y”).