Feedback for enhanced Bed Management module

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Please find the enhanced bed management module details at

We would like to integrate it with Bahmni. This bed management module has enhanced features like separating bed management and admission functionalities. Under bed management, users can assign tags like to beds. The UX for the layout of beds has been enhanced and tags can be color coded. Using this module, additional details like Estimated Date of Discharge, Reason to discharge can also be captured. Please go through it and give us your valuable feedback.


Thanks Pramida. Have added some inputs to the sheet. Can the two modules work together or this enhanced one you are proposing overwrites the existing one? Also some of the enhancements you describe would be more clear after trying it out. Is there a place where this is deployed and accessible publicly for someone to try it out?

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@arjun Thank you for the feedback. This enhanced bed management module was developed as a separate app and is using the same appointments module version as the existing one. So, ideally both the modules should work together. Currently we don’t have any public environment with these modules but we can help you with the installation instructions. Below are the links for our github repositories: Bhamni Apps: Operation Theater module: Bed management omod is same as the one that comes with Bahmni version 0.90

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@pramidat sorry that I’m only getting to look at this now!

My overall comment is that this document is pretty hard to understand for someone who is not already very familiar. It would be very helpful to have a quick video or a series of screenshots that shows the happy path of the 80% workflow.

Please find attached a video that explains the module.

Bed Management Demo


Thanks @psaxena, that’s very well done and useful. And this should definitely go on the wiki somewhere.

I am wondering if your team has used the new OWA-based Bed Management Admin UI yet (to manage bed types, bed tags, admission locations… etc)?

@mksd We have seen the mock-ups of new OWA-based Bed management Admin UI but did not get a chance to use it.

@pramidat, can you all do a quick test of using that OWA to create/edit some beds, and verify that it works correctly with your new bed management app?

(In other words, is the API and data model for this Bed Management UI the same as for the older IPD app?

Comments from watching the video: (I’m not an expert on this, so a lot of these are generic UI comments)

  • “Admit” and “Assign Bed” are not exactly the same thing. E.g. first the doctor would give an admission order, and then someone else assigns the bed. I know that you know this, and you capture that in your demo with the “To Admit” queue. But later you use the terminology Admit/Transfer/Discharge one-to-one with bed assignment. I would consider changing the terminology to be clearer about what this app is actually doing.

  • What is “Admission Master”? Is that a job title? I would expect some text like “select a ward” here

  • after you click on General Ward, and see the room under it, the UI should show a stronger hint about the hierarchy. Also, a stronger hint that the thing on the left is the total of all the things on the right. (Or alternately, no need to show the Total if there’s only a single thing at this level.)

  • can you share a quick screenshot of what this looks like if there’s >1 room in the ward?

  • does this support exactly this number of levels (ward -> room -> beds), or is it flexible?

  • “Admit” doesn’t seem like the right title for the link at the top of the page. Maybe it’s “ADT” or “Bed Assignments”?

  • When assigning a bed, the patient context is too subtle.

  • Once you’ve chosen someone from the to admit queue, I might want some kind of UI hint like “select a bed to assign”

  • Changing the patient context by clicking on an occupied bed seems like a dangerous change that’s subtle and easy to miss. One possible UI approach is to do a toast message saying “Selected a different patient” with an Undo option. (Or alternately don’t change the selection if you’re in the pick-bed-to-assign action.)

  • After discharging a patient, I would expect to continue seeing the ward they were in (instead of having the right pane reset itself)

  • Using color to both indicate tags and available/occupied looks like a mistake. (Also, what happens if one bed gets multiple tags?)

  • What do privileges look like for this? I imagine some implementations might want to require a higher privilege to change bed tags, vs just to assign beds.

@pramidat we have new bed management OWA configured in for a quick check.

Hi all,

We have configured enhanced bed management module at The old bed management module is named as ‘InPatient’ and enhanced bed management module is named as ‘Bed Management’. Please go through it.


Hi Team,

I have few feedbacks on new bed management module :

  • Bed assignment : As a user to admit the patient, I am clicking on Admit button with out selecting the bed which throws an error. On the UI, Admit is the button which catches the attention and user will get an error as there is no bed selected. Even after getting the error it is not clear how to select the bed as the tabs are not in expanded state. There too many clicks involved for bed assignment.
  • Transferring the patient from one bed to another : The transfer button does not gets activated if the occupied bed is selected. As the user I would select the patient first (occupied bed) then click on transfer button and then select the available bed. Here the flow is first select the occupied bed and then empty bed(which needs to be assigned) and then click on transfer button. It might be little challenging for the users especially when navigating between the tab, as they might get confused if the transfer can happen between the wards.
  • Total Beds : Total beds available in each “Ward" is appearing like a tab and feels like a clickable link.
  • List View : User cannot perform any operation like Transfer, Discharge from list view.
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Thank you for the explanations!