appointment scheduling

Hi, When I’m trying to start an appointment for a patient, I’m unable to see any options like in appointment module explained in youtube video. Can anyone help me in this scenario, plz.

For those who have not seen the video, can you mention the exact options you are looking for? Are you able to see them when you use this?

Hi @dkayiwa

Thanks for replying. But, I’m unable to see any options in the link you provided. I want the options like, check-in , miss appointment, cancel appointment. Here I’m providing the video snapshot.

Are you looking for this?


Its in legacy UI right ? Still those options are disabled.

in this post, its stated that, options are disabled. and a Git link is also available for modified file. But, where can I get that modified module, Even I get that module, I don’t know whether those options will be displayed in reference UI. Could you please help me in resolving this issue ?

You need to first add some items, see them listed on that screen, and then select any of them to have those buttons enabled.

Hello @dkayiwa

You can see in my initial post’s picture that I created a person, i.e. total items: 1

its also selected, you can see that patient’s row is highlighted with blue color to indicate that, it is selected. Still we can see no options there in interface.

@rahulrise, unfortunately it looks like the wiki page about the Appointment Scheduling module is missing some important information!

The youtube video you’re looking at shows the original UI for the appointment scheduling module, built by the original authors.

The screenshot you have shared is a newer UI for appointment scheduling that is part of the reference application, but it does not have all of the features from the old UI.

@mogoodrich any chance that you can update the wiki page with a short comment about this, particularly mentioning at what version of the module applies to the video, and whether it can still be used that way via the legacy UI?

@rahulrise i have attached a snapshot version of this module “appointmentscheduling-1.7.1-SNAPSHOT.omod” on the ticket

After installing the module, it will show radio buttons on the left of each row. Selection of any row should enable the buttons you are looking at. Please try it out and tell me how goes.

Hi @dkayiwa Thanks for the snapshot version.

But, I’m unable to use DAILY APPOINTMENTS section. When I try to open it, my local host saying that,
“the operation cannot be completed, because you are no longer logged in, do you want to go to login page ?” After that, login page arriving with error : ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Hi @darius Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
Yes, the original authors need to modify that module according to the latest reference application. After watching their video, I thought I would be able to perform those operations and i found no availability of options in my installation.

@rahulrise are you able to reproduce this error here?

Yes @dkayiwa . still I’m not able to see any radio buttons after click on patient’s name.

@rahulrise can you point me to the url you are looking at for

@dkayiwa here is the URL.

admin & Admin123

What values should i select to have some rows listed in the table?

By the way, the screen listed in the video is this:

Hi @dkayiwa

Thanks for the URL. Happy to see those options in old UI. But, is there any way to enable them in reference application ?

Values to see row, change dates to (10th Jan,2017 to 11th Jan, 2017). remaining fields ( ALL categories). You can see a row. which is entered by me. Also I CHECKED-IN that patient and in WAITING status now.

How do i set 10th Jan,2017 to 11th Jan, 2017 on that page. I see provision for only one date.

I’m saying about filter options. Here I share my view

in Reference version. set only 11th Jan,2017. Like in my First Post.

The fix that i made for the snapshot version that you downloaded from the jira ticket was only for the legacyui (the srceen you have just showed)

As for the reference application page that you sent earlier, i do not see any results displayed in the table.