We need all functions at Appointment Scheduling on Reference Application

Hi to all. First of all sorry for my bad English, it’s not my main language, and second sorry if I’m demanding something like this was a paid technical support. I hope you don’t misunderstand me.

i have an OpenMRS Implementation and doctors, nurses, specialist and patients working with. we have a Problem with the Appointment Scheduling module on Reference Application because it don’t have all the same features as the Appointment haves on the Legacy UI.

For example, when we create an Appointment Block on the reference application that not have something basic as the Time Slot, This is essential for working with several appointments a day because all the appointments are creating in one unique time slot (from the start time to end).

Another problem was the functions like “Start consultation”, “end consultation”, “Check in”, “miss Appointment” and “Cancel Appointment” doesn’t exist on the reference application, it’s imposible to click on some name on Manage Appointments and go to the patient dashboard like the Appointments on Legacy.

I see a topic writing the same problems, even a ticket with the petition to bring those functions to Appointment Scheduling On reference application, those things are for 2 years ago and, like i see on the ticket, that development is abandoned.

is it very difficult to bring those functions on the Appointment Scheduling on Reference Application?


If we organised a team of volunteers to work on this in a two weeks Sprint, do you have the time to be the Sprint Leader?


Sounds great and thanks for the reply and that confidence on me :smile:

I´m not a 100% developer, i’m only an implementer, I don’t know if my little knowledge serves to lead something like that (I’ve seen in this forum people who really have a lot more knowledge).

I´m trying to edit somethings on the OMOD file to bring that functions, If I can adapt those functions, I’ll share them here with everyone. :wink:

If you have the time, you can organise the sprint as the sprint leader, and then we help you with the tasks that require developer experience. But as you can see from the Sprint Leader page, most of the required input can be easily done by an implementer. :slight_smile: