Thank you Advisory Council!

Dear Advisory Council members,

Thank you for your time, wisdom, and guidance given to the OpenMRS community and mission through your service on the OpenMRS Advisory Council. Your feedback and support have been instrumental in guiding us through difficult decisions and challenging times. Your ideas, input, and enthusiasm over this last year has provided important guidance for OpenMRS as we scale the community and organization to best serve its members, the healthcare workers and users of our systems, the various distribution teams such as Bahmni and eSaude, our service providers such as Mekom Solutions, and our growing list of partners like Andela and SolDevelo.

We thank you for supporting us in our commitment to open source and in our encouragement of our implementing partners to do the same.

We look forward to and appreciate your continuing support and guidance as we fulfill our commitments outlined in our operational plan. We hope to see you all at our 2017 Implementers’ Conference this December in Malawi.

Sincerely, The OpenMRS Community