You cannot view or manage addon manager

Dear community, hope you are all well, I have installed OpenMrs but at login it directs to page with this message: “you can’t view or manage the Adons since you do not have the privileges and you are not an admin” Any help on how to continue from here Thank you so much

How are you trying to install openmrs , do you mind sharing the documents that you are following and the screen shot of the error message

Thanks Sharif, I deployed it to tomcat as a web app which was successful, and when I open it from manager app of tomcat it directs me to a login page on this link: “http://localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/addon manager/index.html#/login” at this point I can login then it takes me to this page in the screen shot attached

from here the rest of the actions don’t respond, i can only logout,

How about the this

been unable to attach, hope this wont disturb but the giude was got from Installing OpenMRS - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

which openmrs version did you deploy?

its Platform 2.4.0 WAR (for Enterprise)

Share your server side log via

i have pasted the log

Can you share the paste url?

Hello all,

Sorry to hijack @hillarym thread. I’m trying to install OpenMRS Platform 2.4.0

I’ve logged with admin - test credentials but I’ve exactly the same “You cannot view or manage addon manager” issue. Here is the server log : You cannot view or manage addon manager - Something I should do to fix this ? Thank you for the support and the good work anyway !

Best wishes


PS: I’ve previously tested OpenMRS reference application-standalone-2.11.0 on the same PC and it worked fine.

i see a couple of breaking things in your logs, am going to try setting up platform at my side too so as i can easily track out this

ok please, good that way,lets hope that will help,

I’m facing the same issue after deploying platform 2.40 enterprise Java 8 Mysql 8 Tomcat 8.5

Any help??

What are we suppose to do here? message also not very helpful.

This is a bug in the addon manager OWA. Can you create a ticket for it?

In the meantime, share your server side log via for a workaround.

Thank you for the reply,

I will create a ticket.

Does server side log include any other files other than catalina.out and localhost.log?

Looks like I don’t have access to create tickets, I’m unable to login.