xforms does not display information

Platform 2.0.6 Tomcat 7.0.52, Xform module 4.3.11

I am developing new xforms and modifying the existing ones, for some forms a user can fill information and submit the form successfully but when a user wants to reopen a submitted form in order to edit information, a form will not display any information, then a user is supposed to fill all other information in the form in order to edit a piece of information. After filling the same form for the second time it will display information whenever you open. If it is needed I will paste a link of entire log @dkayiwa

Can you share the tomcat logs?


If you need other file let me know @dkayiwa

extracted today from catalina.out https://pastebin.com/1sP3zPKx

Is this a problem with only this form? Or even other xforms? Is it easy to reproduce if i created this form again?

Three forms out of 5 have the same problem especially short forms which contains few information. When I was using openmrs 1.11.8 it was working okay but started to show this problem after upgrading to openmrs 2.0.6. It is easy to reproduce.

If you want to create this form you can use this description Stop form.docx (109.4 KB)

Are you able to reproduce it at modules-refapp.openmrs.org?

I tried to login but admin and Admin123 does not allow login

I just sent you a private message with the password for admin

I have created new sample form, but when I click submit it produces an error. If you want to try use this link and choose published sample form for data entry. https://modules-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/patientDashboard.form?patientId=323&phrase=john%20cam

I see two sample forms. Which one should i use? Or can you just rename one of them?

You can use the second form which is published form, the first one is unpublished form you can not enter data.