xforms does not display information

This is how the logs look like after opening xform to edit it. Xform edit logs - Pastebin.com

Is this something that you can easily reproduce with a small new form?

Yes I think it is something that it can be reproduce with a new small form.

Can you create that small new form (with around two fields), reproduce the problem, and send the form over to me?

I am reproducing the problem once I am done I will post it.

So I have try to reproduce the problem with a shorter form. What I have observe from this form is that sometimes it retrieves the previous values when you open to edit the form and sometimes it doesn’t retrieve the values. Here is the log file Xform edit logs1 - Pastebin.com

Hi everyone? I keep missing values when I open to edit xforms. Previously it was happen to very few forms and some of them it was because there were some concept which were on form’s design concept list and not on the form. Once removed the forms works fine .But now even if I did that when I open the forms do not display variables. I did try to restore my backups and I notice this has happened after adding new concepts and updating some forms but issue of missing values is happen to almost all forms. I cannot use the backup because people have already entered data for more than 10 days. I have try to find a solution for several days without success. I have attached a log file If someone can help me to see what is causing challenges. Openmrs 2.2.1 and xform 4.3.14

Can you send more logs than this? Secondly, is this behaviour easily reproducible on a smaller form, and a brand new instance of OpenMRS?

I am using openmrs on test server(Ubuntu) with tomcat9 so this is the log file I get on /var/lib/tomcat9/logs/catalina.2023-11-17.log. I did restart the server and after editing the form that seems to be the log file I get or is there other location to get a full log file. I do know if it can happen on different instance of openmrs bacause even if I use my openmrs backups it doesn’t happen.

I don’t know is there a way if you have time I can link with something like anydesk? Here is the log from different server. Xform editing challenge1 - Pastebin.com

When will you be available to jump on a zoom call such that i take a look at this problem?

Any time tomorrow from 8 am to 5 pm EAT (GMT+3).

How about now?

Is it possible to do it after one hour?

Yes it is possible.

meeting id 72108418021 passcode DbGev7

Let us use this: Launch Meeting - Zoom

The problem was caused by some concepts names which were edited. These concepts were already used on several forms. We changed cases(upper/lower) of these concepts that was what caused the problems. Thanks for the support.