Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Nathan Ruhanga) #1793

Hello @kmurumba :slightly_smiling_face:,

Nice to be with you, it will be a pleasure contributing to the community. To get started, you will want to check out this guide .

(Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk) #1794

Hi everyone,

my name is Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk and I work as a Software Engineer Team Lead for SolDevelo. Years back I have been briefly involved in OpenMRS as a developer. I also had opportunity to work on other Open Source initiatives, such as OpenBoxes, Motech and Refugee.info.

My main tech background is Django/Python and ReactJS.

I’ll be acting as a coordinator in a new phase of Sync2 project.

I am looking forward to cooperate with OpenMRS Community!

Regards, Krzysztof

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1795

Welcome to the community click here to get started


halo everyone,

My name is Ajal Odora Jonathan. Am an undergraduate student doing Information systems in Uganda. I have been involved with java and currently doing python and C. So excited and delighted to be a part of this community of proficient developers. With perfect aplomb, hope to learn and contribute towards the development of society through code while in this very welcoming community</>

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1797

Welcome to the community we are so glad to have you here. Kindly click here to get started.

(Kush Misra) #1798

Hello everyone , I am Kush Misra , fourth year CS student at NSIT (Delhi University) . I want to be a part of openMRS this code-in(2018-2019) as a mentor.

My area of interest are application development in MERN stack . I like the React-redux combo. I have also been a ROR developer in initial months of my college life. Currently I am developing an application using tensorflow and MERN stack for the fun of it.

My previous experiences :-

  1. I worked as a software developer intern with the leading hedge fund DE Shaw and Co. Hyderabad (May-jun-july 2018). I developed a full stack application using react redux node mongodb and internal stack from scratch for the firm .
  2. I am in a society of my college where we develop the part of the college website that uses JS based stack .

LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/kush-misra Github:- https://github.com/kushmisra

Apart from this I am a regional level basketball player.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1799

We are glad to have you on board. Kindly click here to get started.

(Bishal Timalsina) #1800

Helloo, I have been working on OpenMRS for about 3 weeks now but only got to create an account here 1 week ago and just discovered the developer badges system. Well as to introduce myself I am a 4th year Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology in Deerwalk Institute of Technology affiliated to Tribhuvan university in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am working on making some record system for the governmental hospitals, when I found about OpenMRS and am working to make it of use here according to the needs.

Am very excited being a part of this community ! :slight_smile:

(Besong Ndip) #1801

Hello everyone, my name is Ndip Besong and I am new to open-source and programming as a whole. I have been programming for about eight months now in and a friend recommended that I join an open-source community to better improve my skills and in return contibute to the community so that’s why I am here. I am very good in Java, MySql and Java frameworks like Spring, Play, Ebean, Hibernate etc not forgetting HTML, CSS and JS. I just recently started php and android. I hope I can be of use to the community in my journery with OpenMRS. I am also looking forward to participating as a student for GSoC 2019.

Please how to I get started and move forward?

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1802

Welcome to OpenMRS @besong23 :smiley:,

It will be great to receive your contribution as a developer.

To get started, just get to this guide .

(Amrita Nair) #1803

Hello everyone!

My name is Amrita Nair. I am a sophomore pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science. I am an Android Developer and my skills include coding in Java and C. Others include MySQL, and HTML. I am well-versed with Git and I can collaborate with other developers easily.

I recently started contributing in open source projects and would very much like to contribute to OpenMRS. I have gone through the codebase of Android Client project. I’m also looking forward to participating in GCI as a mentor and also in GSoC as an intern.

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1804

Hello @theamritanair, you are welcome. We are a friendly community where everyone is willing to help and contribute to save lives. Feel free to contribute and to get going, you could begin from here :slightly_smiling_face:.

(Oskar Hinc) #1805

Hi everyone,

My name is Oskar Hinc and I’m working for SolDevelo as a Junior Software Developer. I’ll be working on the Sync 2.0 project. I’m really happy to be a part of the community now.

Best Regards, Oskar

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1806

Welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution. Click here to get started.

(Nicolas McCabe) #1807

Hi everyone,

I am Nicolas McCabe (Nick). I am a senior at Kalamazoo College in Michigan working on my Computer Science degree. This term I am taking a course on Free and Open Source Software development and am looking forward to contributing to OpenMRS to further my experience in the CS field.

  • Nick

(Nicolas McCabe) #1808

:smiley: I forgot to include a smiley face

(Besong Ndip) #1809

Welcome to the community @minutesperbeat, glad to have you with us. You can begin you journey from here

(Kelvin Murumba) #1810

Thanks @ruhanga

(Saheed Bolarinwa) #1811

Hi all, I am Saheed from Nigeria. I am a CS Master Student at Univ. of Pecs, Hungary. I hope I will be useful here.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1812

We are glad to have you in this community. Click here to get started.