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(Roy Ntaate) #1773

Hullo every one, My name is ROY NTAATE, I live in Kampala, Uganda and I am a student of Software Programming. I am thrilled to be here and I am looking forward to interacting with the community. Thank you…


(Nathan Ruhanga) #1774

Hello @roy :smiley:,

Great pleasure to be with you, this is and will be a great place to learn from and quite sure you will be impressed how coding saves souls. Have you had been able to look at this?

(Abraham Olatubosun) #1775

Abraham is my name, a father, Software Developer, work in ECEWS but now with Center for Integrated Health Program (CIHP), Biker, Gospel Preacher (loved Most) and travelling

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1776

Welcome to community kindly follow this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer 1 2

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1777

Hello @abraham531973 :smiley:,

You are most welcome to the life saving community. Feel comfortable to inquire or contribute anything.

(Rebecca Akkila) #1778

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I´m a computer engineering student at Linköping University in Sweden. I´m taking a course with the aim to contribute to an open source project and I was recommended this project which I´m really happy about. I´m excited to start contribute to OpenMRS :slight_smile:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1779

Welcome to the community and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly click here to get started.

(Victor Kipng'etich) #1780

Hello, Happy to be here. I am Kipng’etich Victor a passionate Linux System Administrator and Network Administrator. Just started focussing on the implementation of the Open Source Softwares.

Hoping to learn more through the implementation of the OpenMRS system.

Thank you.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1781

Welcome to openmrs community and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly follow this to get started

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1782

Hello @viclan29 :slightly_smiling_face:,

Great to have you join the OpenMRS community, hope this also helps you get acquainted with necessary OpenMRS implementation practices.


(Mikhail Ionkin) #1783

Hi everyone! My name is above. I’m developer, and my profile describe me as a developer, so I will tell here about my interests and goals.

I like play chess, volleyball. I read a more books, my favorite genre is fantasy. Also I like listening to Mozart’s works and looking European films.

My bachelor’s degree was associated with medicine, although I’m learn CS. Now I want work with OpenMRS community to improve the quality of medical services. At first time, I want make up code readability, next I want work on decreasing code complexity and increasing code coverage. Also, I want help translate modules to my native language.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1784

Welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution.Click here to get started.

(Mikhail Ionkin) #1785

Thanks, @jwnasambu, I’m already do it. I’m stay on Development Process.

(Abraham Olatubosun) #1786


My names are Abraham Olatubosun i graduated from Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti Nigeria worked in several organisation developing application for their needs i started working with NGO’s in 2014 with Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) where i developed Monitoring and Evaluation Aggregate database and support and maintain IQCare EMR for four (4) years all my works was done with ASP.NET C#, currently i am working with Center for Health Programs (CIHP) Nigeria as Health Informatic expert, we were exposed to OpenMRS and i know i will build skill on JSP to continue support OpenMRS, however, i am currently taking crash comprehensive course on JSP, Hibernat and Spring with UDEMY, hoping to be like you guyz in JAVA development someday.


(Nathan Ruhanga) #1787

Hello @abraham531973 :smiley:,

Great to have you aboard, feel free to inquire from and contribute to this live saving community.

You may want to take a look at this guide

(Tresor Mvumbi) #1788

Hi everyone, I am Tresor Mvumbi. I completed a master in computer science (research on natural language interfaces to relational databases). I currently work as a full stack developer (mainly on Java with Spring and Angular). I have an interest in health informatics; I recently discovered OpenMRS and am excited about the existence of this opensource EMR system that targets low resources environments. My current objective is to learn and contribute back as much as I can. I can speak French and would be interested to translate documentation if there is a need for this.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1789

We are glad to have you in openmrs community kindly click here to get started.

(Mariola Kowalska) #1790

Hello, I work currently as a full stack developer using AngularJS and Scala. I know also React, Java and Python. I’d like to contribute as much as I can. I also love the topic of machine learning, I’ve made few projects in this field, if there is any work on that part please let me know.

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1791

Great @kotynki :smiley: ,

Glad to have you with us (a life saving community), sure enough there are many ways you can contribute through code. You could kindly check this guide out to get started

(Kelvin Murumba) #1792

Hey Community, This is Kelvin Murumba, a Software Engineer curious and ready to learn about OpenMRS.