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Hi I’m Chaitya Shah, I participated in Google Code-in with OpenMRS, and was chosen as a Grand Prize Winner! I worked on a lot of UI Revamping for OpenMRS ID ad I worked a bit with deploying OpenMRS on OpenShift and Docker.


Hi all,

I’m Ali Habib and I head Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) in Pakistan. Our work largely revolves around mHealth and EMR systems. We have worked in several countries and I have been personally involved in OpenMRS implementations in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Kenya, and Bangladesh. Our team is committed to using OpenMRS wherever an EMR is needed for our work.



Hi all, I’m Muhammad Safwan, developer at Interactive Health Solutions (IHS, http://www.ihsinformatics.com) and a student of MS(Software Engineering) in PAF-KIET in Karachi, Pakistan. We are using OpenMRS as our back-end in nearly all our new projects. A lot of our work focuses on mobile data collection on Android devices


Hi all,

I am Maimoona from IHS (Interactive Health Solutions - Karachi) working as Team Lead. I have been exploring and working with OpenMRS for past 4 years.

I love anything creative and innovative thats why software development and designing is my passion. Most of the work I have done is Spring MVC based but I also like exploring jQuery and Android.

In IHS the domain I have worked on, is Immunizations and CRVS.


Hi everyone,

I am Wasim Khan working as a Software Development Manager at Interactive Health Solutions (IHS). I am excited to be part of OpenMRS community and look to learn and contribute. I am from Pakistan and love traveling. I have been to Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Estonia, UAE and Thailand.



Hi Everyone,

I’m Rabbia Hassan from Interactive Health Solutions (IHS). I have been working with Openmrs for more than a year now. In IHS i was part of a teams involved in Openmrs implementation in Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.

I’m really excited to be part of Openmrs Community to contribute and learn from here.


Greetings everyone,

I am Daniel M.Idrees and I am a Software Developer at Interactive Health Solutions, located in Karachi, Pakistan. I am very happy to see that there is a forum for OpenMRS where useful and informative discussions will be available and people will have the chance to exchange their thoughts and ideas. It is a great opportunity for me to become a part of this community.

I am a passionate software developer. I have been working on Android Apps that collects and send data to OpenMRS. Along with software development, I teach Mathematics as a private tutor.

I am looking forward to contribute in this community and to learn more about OpenMRS.


Hi everyone!

I am Tahira Niazi, a software developer from IHS (Interactive Health Solutions) located in Karachi, Pakistan. IHS is actively involved in OpenMRS implementations in many countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya and Bangladesh. I am excited to become a part of OpenMRS community.

Looking forward to working with you all.


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We’re glad you’re all here. Welcome! :smiley:


Thanks for the warm welcome Michael. Glad to be on board, and planning to be much more involved as active members of the Community going forward.


Thanks @michael . One member - @owais_hussain is missing from list :smile:

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Hello everyone I am Sandeep Raparthi from India. I am pursuing my fourth year Bachelor of technology in computer science engineering at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology.I just love to code. Basically that was the inquisite which drove me to contribute to OpenMRS. I have worked on few tickets so far looking forward to do contribute a lot more. The experience so far has been astonishing and over a period of time I have realized that the learning which I get from solving tickets is in abundance.

When I am not busy with coding I prefer teaching students, Cricket, X-BOX playing and wondering how great are those people who coded the game :smile:

It feels awesome to write code and save a life. :grinning:

Thank you :smile:

#plethora of learning


Greetings everyone :smile:

I am Tharunya from Hyderabad-India, currently in the final semester of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (KMIT), Hyderabad - India.

To start about myself “My interest resides in doing something useful to the society”. Hence, I am here to “Write Code, Save Lives” :smiley: . I take pride in being associated with an organization that values ‘Life’.

This being my first year to be a part of an open source community, it feels amazing to start with Open MRS :blush: . However, even as a newbie here, I got a chance to enhance my technical skills. Definitely, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all such welcoming and encouraging people around :slight_smile: . Interactions and suggestions from our supportive community helped me contribute a little by resolving tickets.

Along with the course curriculum, I always preferred practical experiences such as hand on workshops and deeper exposure in the industry which helped me learn to collaborate with the corporate world and enhance my technical skills.

Apart from coding, I find myself joyous while bolstering children from shelter homes educationally and emotionally to unleash their true potential. So over the weekends, I take sessions to discover their talents and also improvise their knowledge. :grin: Also, I completely believe “Consider all Living Beings as important, rather than only Human beings”. Luckily, I managed to be a part of an NGO that supports my view of saving animals and the green environment. It feels really great to be the ‘voice for the voiceless’ :sunglasses:

Additionally, I enjoy petting, traveling, painting and sketching, biking, swimming and outdoor sports. Also, I take pleasure in writing and capturing moments so as to cherish them further. Photography has been like an all-time stress-buster for me and also my best pastime till date.

Coming back to the open source development, I had a “NEW + good” experience so far, looking forward to a memorable and an exciting journey throughout. :smiley:

Thank you for reading :blush: :smile: Regards, Tharunya Pati :blush:


Hello I am Sharon Varghese pursuing my bachelors degree in information technology at Keshav Memorial Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad, India . Prior to this, I was associated with Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Partner. I have been contributing to the mobile apps world using Windows Platform (Windows Phone and Windows Store apps).I have also participated in many quiz and coding competitions related to the latest technologies as it is my favourite topic.

I decided to start contributing into the open source world ,as suggested by my seniors, for the exposure into the wide range of technologies used. OpenMRS gave me the opportunity to contribute code and interact with the community . I am looking forward to make more contributions in this wonderful community.

Thank You :smile:


Hello everyone :smiley:
I am Bhavana Ramasayam, a final year undergraduate student in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (KMIT), Hyderabad, India.

I have learnt about GSOC-OpenMRS through my college and I am grateful to my college for this one. The fact of saving lives through coding had interested me and now I am working to be a part of the OpenMRS Community. I have recently started working on the tickets and it is an awesome experience :slight_smile: . Fun fact about me, I love playing Basketball and reading books (I am more inclined towards the category of thrillers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you, Bhavana :slight_smile:


Just a reminder to everyone here interested in Google Summer of Code, please check our GSoC category for questions & discussion!

:triangular_flag_on_post: https://talk.openmrs.org/c/community/gsoc :triangular_flag_on_post:


Hello everyone, My name is Nesh and I am a Computer Science graduate student from New York. I am looking forward to learning as well as contributing to the openMRS community.


I’m doing this for /dev/null – I’ve been around since 2008 – which seems like forever! I <3 OpenMRS!

Work I have done is used frequently, the Groovy Module, implementing the code editor feature…to provide line numbers and syntax highlighting and various other enhancements that have been added. It’s been a long time since I’ve touched that module.



I have been involved with OpenMRS since 2010 on and off; working first with Interactive Research & Development (IRD) 2010-2013 and since then with Interactive Health Solutions (IHS). I have experience of working with modules: MDR-TB, X-forms and I also created the OXDImporter module (with input from Ali Habib) as well customizing an OpenMRS mobile client build by Daniel Kaiwa. I am excited by the opportunity of using ICT for developing world and low-income settings. My key expertise is interacting with people to understand their needs and envision, plan and develop suitable systems. Since version 1.6, OpenMRS has come a long way and look forward to catching up with all the fun :smile:

I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Staffordshire University and a Masters in software engineering from PAF-KIET. When not involved with technology, I spend my time reading, jogging and spending time with friends and family.

Cheers, Omar