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Hello everyone, I am Nima Tshering pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. I am new to Gsoc and OpenMRS. I have experience in PHP, Android , MYSQL and I am interested to contribute in OpenMRS project.

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Welcome to the community @gyarongnt take a look here in order to get started.

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Hello everyone, My name is Haripriya. I am pursuing my second year Bachelor of technology in computer science engineering at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology,Hyderabad I’ve recently started to contribute to OpenMRS. I would like to work with OpenMRS as I’m inspired by its motto “Write code,Save lives” and I see it as a platform where I can gain good practical knowledge and exposure. I am also looking forward to be a part of Google Summer of Code 2019 to contribute in its open source projects.Thank You :blush:



my name is David Corrales. I´m a Specialist in Analysis and Development of applications in medical environments. Great passionate about eHealth World. I currently work for the Satec company in Spain as an Senior eHealth Consultant. Over the past 11 years I´ve been fortunate to participate in multiple Telemedicine Projects in countries such as Portugal, Morocco, Colombia, Peru and Iran. I hope I can continue to help improve health environments for a long time.

I am very grateful to be able to join this community. Thanks so much. Regards. David.

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thank you very much

Your Welcome

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Welcome to the community and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly follow this link to get started.

We are glad to have you here. Kindly follow this link to get started.

Hi all! Im a 4th-year student from Ukraine currently getting a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics. Also, I have two years of experience in Java development using Spring, MySQL, MongoDB, Lucene. Looking through your Developer Manual guide I noticed that my country is not marked on your OpenMRS Atlas. Because of that, Im willing to participate in GSoC 2019 and make a significant contribution to OpenMRS.

Salaam all!

I am Muhammad Talha student of Bachelor’s of Computer Science at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. I am passionate towards helping community and android is what I want to work on. Openmrs is giving me a chance to combine both my passion and interest. So, it would be great for me to work with openmrs for participating in GSOC 2019. I have experience in Data Structures and Algorithms, java, javaFX, mySql and currently working in Android. Can you please guide me how to take an excellent start to contribute in android project of openmrs. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Hi OpenMRS Community, Hoping everyone in this community is doing well. This is Ajay Sharvesh, Google & Facebook Scholar | Android & Deep Learning Nanodegree Graduate. Yeah, it’s very exciting for me to join this community. I have seen many awesome technical projects which helping out in the medical fields. Since my passion to learn technology is to help medical industries by using my learned and learning technologies. And I hope that I found my passionate job to contribute to this community. Looking more from this community and swear my contribution here will mean a lot. Thank You!

@syaschuk, @talha3111997 and @ajaysharvesh welcome to the community just in case you need more help feel free to reach the community through TALK and IRC. For GSoC follow this and as a new developer follow this link.


hi all! myself Vardhineni Tharun Kumar pursuing undergraduate in Electronics and communication engineering at KL University. I had previously worked on Arduino based projects, UI Development using bootstrap HTML5 , CSS and JS ,Image-processing using Open cv and presently working on contributions in octave at the area of bugs in packages using python programming language.i am interested to work with openMRS community and its projects.

Glad to have you here kindly follow this link to get started.

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Hi everyone! I’m Varsha. I’m a final year student pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m currently developing a cross-platform application in Flutter for the company I’m interning. I spend the rest of my time working on my final-year project. This would be my first contribution to Open Source and I’m hoping to learn lots and lots from this community. I’m an avid reader. If you don’t find me working, then I’d probably be engrossed in a novel or beating my friends at table tennis. Happy to work with you all!

Hello everyone! I’m Raghuram interested to contribute to Patient Search Criteria Module project. I am currently working on the development of Bahmni. I have good knowledge on MySQL and I’m willing to learn more to contribute.I’m happy to work with you all. Thank you

Hello My name is Rohan Maity, I just Became Google certified android developer. Looking forward to Nigeria Telemedicine App for GSOC 19. As its a complete new project . I am thinking of making MockUp POC and use OpemMRS Api. for propsal. Please give suggestions how to approach for this project . Any help would be appreciated

Hello community! My name is Ayush Shekhar, and I am a student developer from India looking to participate in GSoC 2019. I believe that OpenMRS is a great place to start and would love to make valuable contribution to one of its projects this summer.

@ayushshekhar, @thelimitbreaker, @raghuram9199 and @varsha We are honored to have you in this community. Kindly follow this if interested in GSoC and this for a new developer.


Hi! I am Janvi , a second year undergraduate majoring in computer science and I am willing to participate in GSoc 2019 and looking forward to contribute to OpenMRS. I am proficient in java, hibernate,spring,android and mysql.

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