Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Shadrack Kiprotich) #2224

Hi all! I am shadrack kirui recently graduated from multimedia university of kenya. I am interested in learning the openMRS and become a developer

(Shadrack Kiprotich) #2225

Okay thank you so much.

(Vivek Raj) #2226

Hi Folks, My name is Vivek Raj I am a 2nd-year student of IIT Kharagpur, India. I would like to contribute to OpenMRS for GSoc 2019. I have a basic knowledge of the required skills. I’m currently setting up the environment for starting my work.

(Joseph Aghatise) #2227

Hi Andy,

Sure, you can get local support. Drop me your numbers.


(Juliet Wamalwa) #2228

Welcome to the community kindly follow this link to get started. We wish you luck.

(Parker Segal) #2229

Hi! I am a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln working on OpenMRS as a part of a computer science course.

(Martin Chan) #2230

Hi all,

My name is Martin Chan. I have been working as a software developer since 1995 till 2013. In 2013, my wife and I went to Cambodia to work as a volunteer. I thought that will be the end of my IT career. However, recently my wife decided to open an eye clinic and asked me to help her to setup a system. After a bit of research, I have decided to pick up OpenMRS and try out my long forgotten IT knowledge.

After spending a day in setting up, Jre8, Tomcat, and MySQL. I have to say the pain setting up all these apps only get worse when your brain and your eyesight is getting weaker and weaker everyday.

Thanks for the OpenMRS Wiki and a bit of google search, I have managed to get the OpenMRS Platform Running!.

Will have to leave a post about JDBC library issue at the wiki after my introduction here. Just in case if someone else heading into the same version compatibility issue.

(jagadeesh dharmarajula ) #2231

Hi I am Jagadeesh. I am interested in applying for Google summer of Code 2019 for OPENMRS. I have been working on the implementation of Bahmni on our local server.

(vino siva) #2232

Hello!!! I’m Vino and I’ve recently joined to OpenMRS. I have more than 5 years of working experience in the software development field as a developer. But, I am new to open source projects. My interests are Java, Spring, and JavaScript. Hope the OpenMRS project will be a great starting point for me!!!

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2233

Welcome to the community kindly follow this link to get started.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2234

@parkersungwoo, @martinchan and @vinodharanie we are glad to have you here. Kindly follow this link to get started.

(Tawrun Vankineeni) #2235

Hello all,

Myself Vankineeni Tawrun from India, Junior undergraduate studying Computer Science and Engineering at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IIT) Varanasi, having an Experience of 1.5 years in Android Application Development and Frameworks like spring, Django. I am interested to contribute to OpenMRS Android Client Project 2.7+ or the Nigeria Telemedicine App and to learn by working with the community.

Thanks to all :grinning:

My Github,LinkedIn accounts.


Hi all! I am sandhya. I am interested in applying for Google summer of Code (Nigeria Telemedicine App in OPENMRS) as I have previously worked with bahmni implementation and interested in openmrs development .

(Pulkit Aggarwal) #2237

Hi All! I am Pulkit Aggarwal. I would like to contribute to open source projects related to android or ios.I am currently working on an open source project for coding blocks written purely in kotlin with architecture components and also writing a book on firebase to help people build great apps using firebase I have been doing android development for over 2 years now would like to work some more open source projects on even a larger scale

(Stavrangelos Gamvrinos) #2238

Hello everyone! I’m Angelos and I am a 1st year Computer Science MSc student at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Previously, I worked 2 years as a Full-stack Web developer using technologies and tools such as Spring Boot, Hibernate, AngularJs etc. Most of your technology stack matches my existing skills, hence I am highly interested in a couple of projects in the context of gsoc.!

See you around! : )

(Robin Singh Rana) #2239

Hello All! I am Robin from India, a 3rd year undergrad student at NIT Hamirpur. I primarily work on Android Development.I am here to apply as a student for GSoC19.I have been working on android from past 1+ years.In the past I have worked on Android projects from various domains. I’m planning to work on Nigeria Telemedicine App this summer.

(Kasun Amarasinghe) #2240

Hi All,

I’m Kasun Amarasinghe, a graduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I was excited to learn and contribute to OpenMRS.

(kumud gupta) #2241

hi all, I am a 3rd-year graduate from GLA University, Mathura. I am looking forward to contributing in OpenMRS and hope I can do more than just contributing.

(Irene Nyakate) #2242

Hello @kumudgupta76, @kasunprabath @robinsinghrana @agamvrinos @aggarwalpulkit @sandhyarishitha18 and @vankineenitawrun , You are welcome to this community . Please look through this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Also take a look at this and that link to guide you on GSoC

(Nalinga Gamage) #2243

Hi everyone!!! I am Nalinga undergraduate student from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I like to apply for OpenMRS project for GSoC19. I am mainly working on Java.