Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the Bahmni community

My name is Colin Lafever, and I am a student at Tennessee Tech. We have a team of students that are going to be working on using Bahmni for our Capstone project. We are working with the Predisan company to make a new interface for another one of their new centers. I wanted to reach out just so that we could check every resource that is available to us. I guess a current question I have is where would you think we would get the most confused as students who are brand new to the software?

Welcome @casperka there are some initiatives that hopefully will take off soon, if you are thinking of nw interfaces. @gsluthra maybe you can help here? @casperka join our slack channel if you would want to chat about it. DM your email to Gurpreet or me and we will add you there

Hello community, My name is Khaled Bediri, Implementation manager with OpenMRS and Bahmni since 2017. Worked for MSF, PIH and now consultant, mainly in Africa but also Haiti and Ukraine. I knew about the community for some time and I had the chance to meet and to work with some of you, that are very competent and great human beings. I was also involved with the OpenMRS academy squad and now I am getting more and more interested in the backend side of things. Looking forward to exchange with you. Cheers


@kbediri Welcome to the community. Please do consider attending the weekly PAT calls to see what is under-development / discussion in Bahmni, and a way to ask questions directly to the folks actively part of Bahmni development. PAT calls are open to anyone, on zoom. Link: Bahmni PAT Call on 20-Apr-2022 (Wednesday) - #3 by gsluthra

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Hello! I am Andrew Rodebaugh, I am a Software Engineering student at Drexel University. I am with a group through a class hoping to help contribute with this project. I have knowledge in a few programming languages and in writing/contributing to documentation.

Good to meet everyone.

Hey all, just joined… I’m here to listen, learn, and see how I can contribute. Maybe I can contribute on the PACS/imaging side. I designed, wrote most of the software and managed three generations of the 3M/Imation/Kodak/Carestream DryView dry-chemistry film printers supporting DICOM printing. We shipped units all over the world into many regional medical centers in the 2000s. As a lead systems/software architect with a strong model-based systems / software engineering background, I’m interested in how OpenMRS and Bahmni are managing the overall requirements (workflows, user stories, use cases) and systems-level architecture. Will be looking for baselines on the sites. Good upstream work in requirements and architecture can streamline dev planning, test and integration, prioritization and delivery of features, modularization of subsystems and components to support parallel development, integration of existing components… all that good stuff!

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Currently reviewing: An overview of a PACS-integration strategy

Anything more current? Thanks!

Thanks a lot Jim. Maybe we should talk over a call … please you can join bahmni slack. Please DM your email id and I will add you to slack.

@jalbers we have community PAT call today. Would you like to talk over there with your ideas? Please join zoom today at 1 pm UTC.

@angshuonline Thanks for your responses… just getting caught up and getting familiar with talk vs. slack. I’ll see if I can find the calendar for future PAT calls and get them on my calendar.

Hi all, I am Shad and I am a software engineering major at Drexel University. I am working on a group project that is focused on open source projects, and we decided Bahmni would be a cool learning experience! Nice to meet you all and looking forward to finding a way to contribute :slight_smile:

Application for GSoC 2023: Revamping OpenMRS SDK - Seeking Mentorship and Guidance
My name is Phanendhar Reddy Kusuma, and I am a computer science engineering student from Hyderabad, India. I came across the OpenMRS SDK revamp project while researching GSoC 2023 projects and was immediately impressed by its objectives. I would love to contribute to this project because it aligns with my interests and skills. I have excellent Java skills and some experience with Maven, which I believe would be helpful in revamping the SDK to take advantage of Java 8 features. Additionally, I have experience with refactoring and have worked on various projects that required me to refactor code. The mentors for this project are Daniel and Ian. If you can help me to contact them will be beneficial for me to engage in this project well. I would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding my suitability for the project and any guidance you can provide on how to proceed with my application.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Regards,
Phanendhar Reddy Kusuma

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Hello everyone! I am Dhananjay Gavali and I am Information Technology Engineering Student From Pune, India. I have interest in software development. I am new to open source and looking forward to making contribution to the community.

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Hello everyone! I am Siddhesh Desai, a software engineering student from VIT Pune. I was impressed by the objectives of Bahmni, and would like to contribute and be the part of the community as it aligns with my interests and skills.

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Hello everyone! I’m Dr.Gowtham, Diabetologist who is practising in a small town in TamilNadu, India. I’ve been looking into using bahmni for my hospital and so far it has covered my needs very well. Here’s my github link

Thanks to everyone who contributed to all the open source projects.

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Hey Everyone! I am Akangkha and a computer science engineering student. I highly appreciate the organization’s objectives .I am thrilled to join the OpenMRS community and look forward to contribute my skills to the the best of my abilities.

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Hey i am a Software Developer, deeply passionate about healthcare technology and eager to contribute to Bahmni’s impactful initiatives. I bring a passion for improving features and a dedication to supporting Goals. Excited to collaborate and learn alongside this dynamic community!

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Hi, This is Rijwan. I am just a medical person. I want to establish a hospital management system for my institution. Is it possible for me to install Bahmni in my desktop without having any IT/CSE background?

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Hello community I am Madhu Sudhan, Student and Software Developer based in Hyderabad. I got to know about Bahmni in a session by Thoughtworks Hyd team some time ago. I am exploring the Bahmni Wiki and the Training Video. Seeing forward to make impactful contribution in a slow and steady manner :slight_smile: