Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the Bahmni community

Hello everyone, My name is Neelam Singh from Gujarat, India and have done MCA. Worked in IT industry for a year, but not actively working in IT field from last 5 years, just some wordpress website developemnt. Recently my husband has opened his own multispeciality hospital and I am helping him in IT department. I am planning to implemet Bahmni for our hospital and that is the reason I am here.


Hi, I am K Kharade. A Software Engineer. Currently exploring Bahmni and OpenMRS for some of the experimental health-care projects.

welcome to openmrs @neelneem.

Hi @jmafoko

If you’re working on a project and you are looking for collaborations let me know. I’ve been working with Bahmni, OpenMRS and OpenERP for over a year now

Hello , My name is Chris a software developer .I am new to :grinning: Bahmni community I hope I can contribute something to its improvement. Any start references is highly welcome :smiley: Best regards, Chris

My name is Yael (github.com/jaels), I’m a software developer focused on ReactJS, and would like to contribute code to Bahmni frontend. I thought about starting with this issue: https://github.com/Bahmni/openmrs-module-appointments-frontend/issues/12 I installed the environment and I think I’m done, but still a bit stuck. I got to the login page of Bahmni EMR & Clinical UI, tried the username and password (superman and admin123) and it doesn’t let me in. Not sure how to proceed. Would appreciate any help.

Thanks so much, Yael

Nice to hear that you want to contribute to the product. Let me get back to you on the details. @yael

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello all! Im Dr Sundaranathan Sampath. I’m exploring my options to keep a permanent solution to my data handling wishes.

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Hallo, my name is Kenneth, a Software Engineer based in Kenya, and I work at IntelliSOFT Consulting Ltd. We currently support several Implementations of Bahmni in Kenya and a number of other African countries. I look forward to contributing to, as well as gaining from the community.

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Hello everyone, I am Aghatise Joseph from Abuja, Nigeria. I provided leadership to the team that made OpenMRS accepted in Nigeria as a national platform for HIV/AIDS. I work with Reverton.Net Ltd as a Cheif Technology Officer (CTO) and my role include reviewing existing systems and proposing a better approach. I am here to learn and support others as well as to see how we can introduce Bahmni to selected hospitals across Nigeria.

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Hi my name is Chintan Vora, I am a Backend Cloud Developer with Aruba Networks in California, USA. I would like to contribue and need some guidance on contributing towards the project.

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