An overview of a PACS-integration strategy


I have been working at times for a few years with a small hospital with a Bahmni implementation. At the hospital we are using the PACS integration with the Bahmni system. The PACS integration has been customized in some ways, and I’ve put together a document/page describing some things about this implementation.

The basic changes we made are:

  • have Bahmni query the PACS server directly (via DICOM) to list patient PACS images
  • provide a mechanism for a Radiologist to add an observation note associated with an external PACS image

The page is here: pacs-integration-page

I wanted to post the page here in order to get feedback, and hopefully to contribute to ideas about how PACS integration is done in OpenMRS/Bahmni. It is also helpful for us just to have a reminder about how the PACS integration system works in general as there are there are some things that took some time to get an understanding of.


Hello @mdg583,

This is really good work, and thank a lot for writing such a detailed blog on Bahmni & PACS, and the work done by you & team.

I was wondering if it’s possible for you to do a short demo on our weekly PAT calls that happen at 6:30pm, every Wed, India time. You can choose to do it this wed, or next wed, as it suits you. PAT Call details are as follows:

Also, I was looking through the code repository you shared here: Annoor-Hospital · GitHub and realised that your changes are in a forked codebase. You mentioned in your blog that you have integrated with OHIF viewer for xRays, and that is something Bahmni community would really like to also leverage. Can we discuss in the same PAT call the code changes you did for this, and the potential next steps for merging it into the main Bahmni codebase for other to benefit from it?

Thanks again!

cc: @angshuonline @arjun @akhilmalhotra #pacs

Hi @gsluthra,

I think it could be good to try to do a short demo as you say. I think it would be quite short if that is okay. Tomorrow (Wed) is the only time that works for me actually.

Hi @mdg583 : Please see this discussion. I hope you will be able to join the PAT call today evening at 6:30pm.

Good demo by @mdg583 was done yesterday in the PAT call. See notes here.

@mdg583 I have pushed a first version of the pacsquery module onto Bahmni. As of now, this just has a single API to get a list of studies for a patient. We are leveraging that to establish correlation with accessionNumber and study UID to show in the PACS widget onto patient dashboard on clinical module. Please have a look. We can continue our discussion to take this further and incorporate various other usecases that you have. btw, I have included a NOTICE file acknowledging the contribution from Annoor Hospital.