Week in Review 9-15 November 2014

OpenMRS Week in Review

9-15 November 2014


  • Maputo 2015 Implementers Meeting: Registration is now open and financial assistance is now available for Maputo 2015, the next OpenMRS Implementers Meeting in late January 2015. See http://moz15.eventbrite.com/ for details. We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Google-Code in: @sunbiz is still looking for a few good mentors for Google Code-in, the new (to us) contest for secondary school students, which begins 1 December. If you’d like to participate, join our discussions here in OpenMRS Talk.

  • There will be no Developers Forum this week or the following week, due to the OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat, and the US Thanksgiving holiday, respectively. The security discussion previously scheduled for this week has been moved to the following week, 4 December. Until then, we’ll “see you in cyberspace”!

Highlights of Last Week

  • In last week’s Developers Forum, we had a very busy “Work In Progress” review of three projects: Bahmni’s work leveraging the new order entry API in Platform 1.10, a report from @sarmson & folks from ThoughtWorks on the Concept Management Module, and a showcase for our work on Allergies by @jteich. Check out the details and recordings if you missed these reviews.

  • Led by release manager @k_joseph, the Platform 1.11 testing sprint concluded last week. Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Platform 1.11 release, as well as information about our next scheduled sprint.

  • Ebola Response: Last week, @ball reported on the rapid development progress on work toward our Ebola distribution. Thanks to everyone involved, including @aram, @hamish, @ada, @arbaughj, @sarmson, and many more. If you’re interested in helping, please visit http://ebola.openmrs.org/ to find the latest information and add your efforts. To see the latest status, check out Ellen’s post here:

  • Ebola Hackathon: A big thank you to @marioareias and everyone else who participated. For details, see:
  • Open Source Comes to Campus: Thanks our friends at Indiana University @sunbiz and @maurya who participated in this exciting program with the assistance of the good people at OpenHatch. We were able to introduce many new students to the world of open source software contributions, and to OpenMRS specifically! If you’d like to organize a similar event at a campus near you, contact OpenHatch for details.

Issues Resolved Last Week

Last week, the following community members resolved one or more JIRA issues. Thank you for your contributions last week! Let’s aim to see even more closed issues next week.

See all JIRA issues resolved last week: http://om.rs/lw

If your name should have been in the above list, make sure that your name is listed as the assignee when resolving JIRA issues. If you’d like to add your project to OpenMRS Issues, please open a Help Desk case.

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