Maputo 2015: Financial assistance now available

Applications are now open for financial assistance to attend the Maputo 2015 OpenMRS Implementers Meeting hosted by I-TECH. Limited funding is available to assist attendees, so please read this message carefully and apply as soon as possible.

Event Details & Registration Information:

Our community has a mission to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments and we realize that it’s not always easy for community members to make it to an OpenMRS event or cover expenses during the event. Our goal is to use available resources to help persons who need assistance for travel, room & board, and/or registration fees to attend the event.

Inevitably, we lack the resources to pay all expenses for everyone, so we have come up with a process to award scholarships based on need, merit, and strategic investment in order to further our mission. Applicants will be assessed in three general areas:

  1. Current/historic level of participation in the OpenMRS Community (50% of total score)
  2. Current/historic level of participation in other free and open source Health IT projects, or in other current or prospective OpenMRS implementing organizations (15% of total score)
  3. Future goals for participating in the OpenMRS Community (35% of total score)

Eligibility: Any active contributor to an OpenMRS project and/or OpenMRS implementer in any other capacity, from anywhere in the world, is considered eligible. Participants in other free and open source Health IT projects, and prospective OpenMRS implementers are also encouraged to apply.

The deadline for applications for financial assistance is 1 December 2014 at 00:00 UTC. Please do not delay in applying, as funds are limited. Apply today!

Financial assistance application: Maputo 2015 Financial Assistance

For more information about upcoming OpenMRS events, including next week’s OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat and the OpenMRS World Summit in the second half of 2015, see:


Hi Michael,

Unfortunately some of our Mozambican community members have missed the deadline for early bird registration as well as financial assistance. Is there any possibility of extending one or both of these deadlines?

Thanks, Pascal