Version Control for Android Client Forms

So my understanding is that the Android client uses different forms technology using the REST API. So my question is how does a project to build on top of the Android look like with the custom forms? Are they saved in the OpenMRS installation being accessed by the Android client, if so where?

@tmarzeion @adamg

@ssmusoke, we needed to use something, which was simple and we could fully control so we decided to use json forms. You can read more about them in the following topics:

You can find out more about how to set it up for OpenMRS Android Client on this thread:

Sorry we haven’t documented it properly yet!

Thanks @raff … Just wondering if there is skip logic supported where different options are selected based on the selection

@ssmusoke, it’s not implemented yet. If you need it, then create an issue! It should be easy to implement. I can fill in details.

Thanks @raff again