Form Designer for Bahmni

We want to discuss Form Designer as part of implementer’s interface. Please find more context here.

As being discussed in another thread, we would like to discuss on how we can collaborate to agree on a common form definition.


Thanks @akhilmalhotra for posting! Could you please share some links to your json form definitions?

@raff Please find the “Work in Progress” documentation on the JSON form definition here. It shall be ready in a couple of days. Meanwhile please take a look at this piece.

It seems as though some OpenMRS community members have already been working on a JSON form schema here. Instead of having two different form schemas, could we collaborate and have just one instead?

@pascal Sure. That was our objective of posting this thread.

@jthomas Can we have a slot on a design call?

I’d look forward to a collective design discussion on this. I’m less concerned with the specifics of UI for form rendering & designing and more concerned that we have a common approach to form models & processing and we have abstractions for defining form models, field types, and form processors. And we can certainly refactor OpenMRS form to meet everyone’s needs.

BTW… I will be on a family holiday the last week in June (27-June - 1 July) and 4 July is a U.S. Holiday, so I’d prefer not 27-June or 4-July. Maybe 11-July? It would be important to have AMPATH (@jdick, @willa, …), eSaude (@pascal, …) , an, of course, ThoughtWorks folks available. A design call would help us quickly get on the same page and then the discussion could continue asynchronously online.

@akhilmalhotra next Wednesday is open or the following Monday, but @burke will be out that day.

@jthomas We can have this discussion on Wednesday. Just confirming the date and time for everyone to avoid confusion, 22nd June, 11:30 PM IST/ 2:00 PM US Eastern Time.

I’m not available between 26 June and 11 July (inclusive), but if @ningosi or @valvijo can join from eSaude, then it should be okay to go ahead. I think it might be a good idea to wait for @burke and have the call on 11 July. There is also a small chance I might be able to attend on that date.

I’m available for today’s design forum (22nd June, 11:30 PM IST/ 2:00 PM US Eastern Time) if we are able to get enough people on uberconference to make the discussion productive.

@pascal, @jdick, @willa: we tried to have a form discussion on today’s design forum, but didn’t manage to get AMPATH or eSaude representation on the call. ThoughtWorks would like to move forward with their Form tool ASAP.

Can we plan on a design call on 11 July? FYI – Thoughtworks (@akhilmalhotra or @karrtikiyer) will be reaching out to see if they can jumpstart the discussion between now & then.

Sure @burke, let’s do the 11th. Sorry I couldn’t make the call last night. I also have 4pm GMT+2 available tomorrow.

I’m happy to be involved in an asynchronous discussion in the mean time. It would be good to hear from both groups currently designing schemas, especially feedback on the designs of the other group.

@pascal @jdick @willa We want to start work on this piece as soon as possible. It would be great if we can have a discussion (email or call) started to discuss the form definition and try to come to a common definition which serves the needs of Bahmni, AMPATH and eSaude. A few of our requirements are mentioned here and detailed requirements can be found on this page.

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We at PIH would like to stay in the loop as well… if there is a call or discussion scheduled, please let us know and we will try to make it.

Take care, Mark

How about a meeting at 2:30pm UTC+2 on Tuesday 6/28? Does that work for anyone?

/cc @akhilmalhotra @jdick @willa @mogoodrich @ningosi @valvijo @burke @raff

Okay for me.


That works for me as well.


Thanks for setting up the time @pascal. It works for us as well.

I will be available

Okay great! Talk to you all tomorrow on Uberconference.

/cc @akhilmalhotra @jdick @willa @mogoodrich @ningosi @valvijo @burke @raff