Creating custom Json forms for working with android client

I got some vitals json forms working on my client, which have numeric input

However , I want to make some custom forms with text, numeric, complex observation input .

Is there also any simple way to make such custom Json forms.

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Also is there any way to embed complex observations in these json forms(picture,document etc )

can you give me some examples of other json forms ?

can you give me example of a json form

which incorporates , text apart from numeric choices and has choice to pick up among predetermined coded values(answers to concept questions)

@tmarzeion, could you explain and give some examples of coded questions in forms that you implemented in AC-234. @shivtej, please be sure to include that in the user guide you are working on.

@anupam, no support for complex obs is implemented yet, but we have a handful of volunteer developers who are eager to add more features like that to the app. Please create an issue in JIRA for the Android Client project and I’m sure there will be someone willing to implement it.

In the next 2.6 release you’ll be able to add and view a picture of a patient, if it is something you are looking for, see AC-236.

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@raff, yeah sure.

@anupam, the bahmni team is working on to make it easy to create json forms. I hope it can be used in plain OpenMRS at some point as well.

Very nice…that would be great !

i saw a custom json form with select option here…

and i am able to fetch the form from server to my android client as well . However when i try to submit form after filling in the data, it shows that "encounter could not be saved "

i tried to duplicate the form on my local openmrs installation , similar result …

any clues as to why is this happening ?

here is a paste of resource id in this form …

Hey @anupam :slight_smile: This form is probably not working because it was used for layout testing, so concepts with given UUID’s aren’t present on database. Some basic concepts like Pulse (5085AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) are always present on OpenMRS servers by default (with same UUID everytime), thats why default Vitals form can be copypasted into any OpenMRS server and will work. Your example of form is answering 2 questions:

  • Pulse(Rate/Min) - Numeric (its possible to assign number value to that concept)
  • Is the patient HIV positive? - Coded (its possible to assign concept into concept, eg. HIV (138405AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) -> Yes (1065AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)).

I will edit UUID's in this form so it will work :slight_smile:

//edit: I’ve added form named “Coded form”, which is working fine :slight_smile:

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