updated radiology module and HL7 generating

Hi @dkayiwa, I need some information about your updated radiology module if you don’t mind.

1- Is it possible to establish a communication between the radiology module and the DCM4CHEE? if it is possible how to do it?

2-Is this module able to generate HL7 messages to be sent to the DCM4CHEE?

Did you take a look at this? unable to add radiology orders in openmrs

yes I did. your updated module allows me to add new orders but I want to get those orders in my DCM4CHEE. is it possible by establishing a communication between openmrs and DCM4CHEE ? or the problem of generating HL7 messages is not resolved yet?

Did you read the responses on that thread in regards to that question?

I did my best that’s why I’m posting these questions and I need real applicable solutions. Thank you for your help

From the responses i saw there, the module needs some more development effort. Are you able to dedicate some resources to it?

ressources?! like what?

Resources like developer time.