the updated radiology module problem

Hi, I have installed openmrs version 2.0.0 and the updated radiology module (27/12/2017). I’m facing some problems while trying to display the radiology orders. the following pictures show the errors that I had:

please who could help me to resolve them!!! Is there any documentation for this updated radiology module?!

@intidhar is Reference Application 2.7.0 good for you ?

thank you @tendomart for your help. please could you look at this : updated radiology module and HL7 generating and answer me if you have a solution?

@intidhar I will get back to you, in case you have not yet gotten an answer from any one else.

hi @tendomart, happy new year! I didn’t have any answer yet.

@intidhar I will get back to you,been slightly busy.