Reports in OpenMRS

What is the functionality of Reports in OpenMRS? On clicking the Reports tab in the home page, I don’t see any information being displayed.

Can I consider, to include the functionality of exporting data as .csv file using reports?

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@haripriya it depends on the use case, i wonder if you can generate a report without sample data.

Have you taken a look at Generating Reports

Thank you for linking the resource. :slight_smile: But what is the use of having reports when its blank? And Do I consider to export condition list data using reports, or is there some better way that the community would prefer to export data instead of reports?

Am not sure i get you well ,

But like i said you generate reports basing on either demo Data which OpenMRS can generate /imported data or data generated by user.

I would expect that the RefApp would have preloaded reports on the “Reports” page, but as @haripriya wrote – the the RefApp demo server only shows a blank page.

PIH has all these reports on our “Reports” page – which is a customized distribution.

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@haripriya does @ball 's observation suggest any help for you ?

@ssmusoke do you have some reports under that button in UgandaEMR?

@dkayiwa @haripriya I think the Ref App reports moved to an OWA - Prebuilt reports - not sure if it is packaged with the distribution

The UgandaEMR reports approach is:

  1. Override the reports page -

  2. Define the reports as app links here

@solemabrothers can provide links to how to generate reports as CSV

@haripriya @dkayiwa we have been able to deploy reports in UgandaEMR in both formats excel and CSV, however, the default is excel, @haripriya please let us know on how we can help to share the knowledge we have used

Thanks for that great work. j think the same idea can be used in the ticket issued on the support of exporting openmrs data using Fhir appointment resources.