Today's PM call 2015-10-26

@jthomas, @darius, @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @raff, @tharunya, @maany, @surangak, @ddesimone, @shruthidipali,

We have funders visiting Regenstrief today and I will unfortunately be unable to join today’s PM call (I am still going to try to make today’s design call if at all possible).

On today’s PM call, we need to:

  • Figure out how to get Reference Application 2.3 released this week
  • Review progress on Legacy UI Module, milestones for Platform 2.0. Are we still on track for alpha release in mid-November?
  • Decide on the timing of next week’s PM call (DST ends in U.S. on Sunday)1
  • AOB

Sorry for the late notice.

-Burke :burke:


Sorry, I missed this as well!