OpenMRS 2.3 Status Update

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS 2.3 Release - milestones:

@tharunya, given Reference Application 2.3 is no longer blocked by RA-931, what steps are left to get the release out the door? How can we best help you finish the release process within the next few days? Whether it’s anything from “I know exactly what’s left to be done and can do it shortly” to “Life/school has too many demands on me right now. Can someone else take over from here?”, the OpenMRS Community is here for you. :smiley:


-Burke :burke:

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Hello @burke ,

I have been waiting on the blocker. As now, its no longer a blocker I can proceed and release in the next couple of days. Possibly, I know the next steps what have to be done and wouldn’t take much time. I think, we can fix a target date of max 23rd October

I tried doing the release today but there was a problem with the versions. I will fix that and release by max 23rd.

Thank you

@wyclif @burke @darius After looking closely, its observed that there’s a snapshot version of uitestsframework as here

Does the uitestframework block 2.3 release?

UItestframework’s last release was 1.5.1, should we release 1.6 before releasing RA 2.3?

Apologies for not observing this before. I wasn’t aware to look for it in here, until Maurya guided me to get there.

@tharunya, I think uitestframework 1.6 should be released before 2.3 for as there might be features in the new version being used by RA.

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We should release this, yes.

I don’t think it is strictly a blocker since it is only a build-time dependency, and not a run-time one.

But it should be ready to release the new version.

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