US daylight saving time and the PM call?

Daylight Saving Time ends in the United States on Sunday, November 1st. For those of us currently observing United States DST, that mean’s Monday’s design forum will be one hour earlier (i.e., the current time of our weekly PM call). In the past PM calls have been coordinated on US Eastern Time due to schedule conflicts for some of the main participants and just swap time slots with the design call. We have done this due to recurring meetings that some participants have.

This year I would like for those who regularly participate in the project management calls to weigh in on how they would like to proceed @burke, @darius, @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @raff, @tharunya, @maany, @surangak, @ddesimone, @shruthidipali. Do people still have conflicts at 10am US Eastern Standard Time? Do we need to find a different time for the weekly PM call?

Daylight saving time can be confusing so if people have questions or think I missed something please speak up.

  1. keep the design call on UTC and the PM call on US Eastern Time then just swap time slots when daylight saving occurs. Ex. Design: 4pm UTC (12pm ET)

I vote for swapping the times (from the perspective of someone in the US) as we’ve done in the past.

works for me @jthomas

Thanks for the feedback guys. Anyone else want to weigh in?

I would vote for swapping times as I have a conflict @10am ET but I am just one person.

My position is that all OpenMRS meetings should always be listed and run in UTC time zone only, in an effort to be as clear as possible to our contributors from around the world.

Daylight saving time start and end dates are different in every country that observes it (and irrelevant to those that don’t) so factoring it into meeting times creates too much confusion.

I would agree that not having the PM call on UTC can cause confusion but I do not want to make a change that would keep those who participate in the PM calls from attending and contributing to pushing OpenMRS forward.

Are there people on this thread with conflicts who would not be able to participate if the PM call was on UTC time (i.e., if the PM call was held at 10-11a EST / 7-8a PST from November - March)?

I wasn’t able to join today’s PM call, but I understand that the decision was made to move the PM call after the design call starting next week (i.e., 5-6pm UTC / 12-1pm US/Eastern) to avoid conflicting with scrum that takes place the hour before the design call.