Thoughts on the UI for Patient Data Management OWA

Hi all, we would like some feedback regarding the UI for the PDM owa which we have been working on. We are beginning our 4th Sprint and would like feedback from you regarding the UI of the app…

Below are screenshots of the components and the pages. You can also view and demo he OWA on the OpenMRS ref app here

Some discussion about the same can be seen here, here and here

Additionally, during our 2nd sprint demo @darius raised a concern about making the app able to display a lot of information on the same page

We lookforward to reading your thoughts.

cc @dkayiwa @darius @burke @niccie @chibujax2 @cecilia

Can you provide the username and password for demo.So I can login for view.

@naveed1228 you can use these credentials: username: admin password: sup3rS3cr3tPassw0rd

Thank it worked.

@cecilia it’s UI is same as previous.Where are changes in UI?

@naveed1228 We have not added our app to the dashboard yet. but once you log in, you close that page. Then directly click on this link again. It should redirect you to our app.

@cecilia I am linking to an Excel spreadsheet which shows what would provide a useable list view for the Encounters, and Visit. I am thinking that the search has to build upon the Search Patient widget with missing functionality like filters (which are shown in the first row)

@ssmusoke I am not sure i understand what you mean. Do you mean the listing of visits and encounters only or the whole view of the patient data in column format instead of collapsible tabs? also what search patient widget are you referring to?

@cecilia I am only focused on the data display which follows the thinking around this post Tabular Views of OpenMRS Data

The patient search widget is here

PS: Apologies in advance as I have missed the last 3 demos and planning sessions - so this may be part of the road map

I would like to concern some issues about this OWA. Shall we spend some time on styling this OWA as usual?

  1. check the OpenMRS breadcrumbs, It should be between header and body as usual
  2. Shall we remove that title (purple color highlighted box). Usually, we are using the Green Color plain (H1 or H2 type) titles for the pages.
  3. OpenMRS location is missing in the OpenMRS header. Shall we implement that also?
  4. Why some forms have aligned for left and some other forms are aligned with the center? Shall we make all the forms to be in the center?
  5. These OWA pages are missing the inner padding. Usually, there will be some padding from the outer border. Can you please consider that one?
  6. All textboxes and other elements should be implemented with the same length.

If you can please go through these suggestions and make this OWA better :slight_smile:

CC : @dkayiwa

@ssmusoke I do appreciate and can see how helpful this would be, but i believe you had brought it up on our very first sprint announcement and @darius suggested it would be best to implement it on a another module and even suggested cohort builder. A conclusion was not reached, and I invite @darius and @dkayiwa to contribute on this so that we can know the way forward, if to or not to include it in this module.

cc @jxn @niccie @chibujax2

@suthagar23 Thanks for taking your time and going through the module. Some of this issues are already tickets in this sprint. We will definitely include some of the other contributions you have made :slight_smile:

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Was there any release of this OWA?

@elbertbiggs360 do you think you can release this?

@dkayiwa On it