Getting to specific QA improvement tasks

Continuing the discussion from Join a release process "Improv-a-thon":

@k_joseph, I was delighted in our discussion with @terry yesterday to hear of your interest in helping out with QA-related tasks. As I described, there’s a wide range of QA-related needs, including:

  • Making it easier for devs to test their code (conventions, automation, documentation)
  • Improving automated builds
    • Improving conventions/consistency on how we test PRs (e.g., using Travis)
    • Further improving design/conventions of our CI plans & scripts
    • Dockerizing integrated testing
    • Cleaning up our approach to automated tests to more reliably support automated testing with Zephyr
    • Improving the process of notifying devs of failures and ensuring they are addressed in a timely manner
    • Improving aspects of our release process (see our plans for a release process improv-a-thon)
  • Improving our monitoring of QA status (similar to Darius’ pmtool)

These are just some of the areas. @cintiadr has been an enormous help with the advancing our CI and she & other devs may have better insights into key pain points or where quickest near-term “wins” may exist. Let’s try to come up with a near-term win (i.e., a contribution you can make that will have noticeable impact for the community) that best suits your interests.


-Burke :burke:

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