Strategic Objective 6: Organizational Development

This topic will be used to work through the planning of the goals and tasks (including measures) for OpenMRS Community Objective #6:

6.0 OpenMRS shall ensure that the operations of OpenMRS are maximized for efficiency and effectiveness for the community as well as external partners

  •    Develop and implement an Operational Plan for CY 16 
  •    Develop an appropriate budget that reflects the current funding needs
  • Develop an appropriate fundraising plan that reflects the budgetary needs
  • Develop an appropriate human resources/staffing plan that includes the identified needs to meet the stated objectives

6.1 OpenMRS shall ensure that members of the community are engaged and appropriately recognized for their contributions.

  • Develop and implement a Volunteer Recognition program by the end of 2016
  • Ensure ongoing support for GCI
  • Evaluate the possibility of improving under-represented groups in
  • OpenMRS development and coding opportunities

6.2 OpenMRS shall ensure partnership opportunities are identified and implemented to extend the reach of OpenMRS into appropriate communities.

  • Develop appropriate partnership strategy that includes the goal of obtaining at least one partnership agreement in the next year

6.3 OpenMRS shall ensure that appropriate standards and terminology are available for utilization and integration into the OpenMRS platform as well as the reference application

  • Develop a budget and operational plan that extends Terminology and Standards (content management and tooling) 2. Develop appropriate technology to ensure that updated CIEL/OCL collections can be implemented

6.4 OpenMRS shall develop and track metrics that reflect the annual goals, workplans and desired impact on health status.

  • Develop appropriate metric plan for identified metrics

6.5 OpenMRS will develop a communications strategy that ensures sharing and appropriate communications between internal and external partners

  • Communications and marketing strategy
  • Curate wiki pages
  • Annual report for CY 15

The following leaders have agreed to work actively on this to prepare for presentation at the World Summit in December: @terry, @akanter, @surangak

All community members are invited to provide input and feedback, and if you’d like to actively participate in editing the objectives goals and tasks, contact @terry to be added to the document for editing


Hi there! very happy to be part of this. The topics under our domain are very broad… and we dont have a lot of time until the summit. How do we propose to follow through with this? do we want to meet (online) to discuss our next steps?

how about we start collaborating on line and then set up a call for sometime next week? there are many topics that will need to be ‘staffed’ to help design a plan forward. The important ones include

@terry - I’d like to be added to this if possible. I’m definitely interested in helping form this strategy.

sent before i was done.

critical ones include fundraising, budget ( though we have a dependency on the other work groups to develop their needs), staffing plan ( after this is identified by the groups) , community ‘thanks’, partnerships , communications, and operational and annual plans. Woah!!

a lot to do though we already have partnerships carrying over from last year.

If people are interested in any ONE of these, please let @suranga and @terry know by the end of the week.

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i think that we need to pull out some subsections so that we can make the notes page easier to get to specific things for Goal 6. . I would propose that we have some ‘separate’ sub links ( though i need michael to help me figure out so they dont get buried). these would reflect the goals that are listed above in the document. Then, we would need to help identify someone(s) who can help lead these.

What do you think?

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This has been done. :smile:

See the strategic-goal-6 tag for additional topics related to this.

thanks Michael for doing that. I divide up some of the topics onto the grid that Jamie out together ( and is posted on this page). i will update that so that people can see where/ what we need to do next.

try to think about the following ideas ( and send them to @terry or post here!)

  1. communication plan–what should we have in this?
  2. fundraising-- we are going to use a software tool but we need to think about what this means. Who wants to help?
  3. metrics and evaluation- will work with Hamish on this, but if you have ideas, please send
  4. volunteer recognition -i took a stab at writing this up and we will post in a google doc so that you can edit/ give ideas as needed
  5. operational plan-- dependency on the rest of the objectives- expect to see a draft shortly after Singapore

please send ideas or comments. We plan a meeting for next Tuesday- hopefully, one of these two hours will work. Please use doodle to let us know!! thanks. Terry

@terry, can you please double check if that link works? I cant seem to get it to load :frowning:

does this work better? i just added the table view… works for me , but then i did it!! maybe it is memory cache…:slight_smile:

Are there any other options besides those two in the doodle poll? I’m travelling the first hour for a meeting during that second hour that is listed…

8am PT would be great for me, if others could make that.

yes, anytime tuesday would work! let me know what time may work and i can add to the poll

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I added this a bit after I posted…

that sounds perfect will wait to hear what people say ( that would be 11 -12 eastern) terry

@michael - I don’t see anything listed under the tag…?


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@terry - you mentioned a grid that you and Jamie had worked on. Is that posted somewhere? Is there a document we should be working on together or other things to be looking at? Just want to make sure I’m keeping up before any calls. Thx!

grid is on under the objective tracking post:

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