Strategic Objective 2: Reference App

With everyone so busy after Camp, I thought I’d go ahead an create a topic similar to Objectives 3, 5, and 6. Hopefully this gives us a place to get organized. It seems to me that the most efficient next step is to meet by phone/web and go through the notes from to expand on the goals and tasks.

This topic will be used to work through the planning of the goals and tasks (including measures) for OpenMRS Community Objective #3: Develop and evolve the OpenMRS Reference Application, a community-managed OpenMRS Distribution.

The following leaders have agreed to work actively on this to prepare for presentation at the World Summit in December: @jteich - interim lead for the Reference App activity @burke, @k_joseph, @akanter, @lober, @janflowers, @maurya

All community members are invited to provide input and feedback, and if you’d like to actively participate in editing the objectives goals and tasks, contact @lober to be added to the document for editing.

(format stolen cheerfully from Group #3 - thanks Jan!)


I’m kind of a big fan of simultaneous editing, AND I like to have the formatting, edit Hx, attribution, etc., that come w/ Google Docs, rather than Etherpad - for the prototyping stage. Works better for me than does a wiki page.

I’ve copied the Objective-specific notes from the strategy doc to this specific, publicly editable, temporary Google Docs page.

Once we’ve cleaned this up a bit, we can move the more final version to the OpenMRS wiki.

Please log in to google, if it’s not inconvenient, so your changes are attributed. But, if that’s a hassle - just go ahead and contribute. I tend to turn on “suggesting” mode (kind of like Track Changes) if I’m changing something someone else wrote, though it gets messy if the lead doesn’t periodically go in and clean things up.

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Bill, FYI: if you publish a Google Doc (File > Publish to the web...), you can paste the published link into OpenMRS Talk and look what happens… :smiley:

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Thanks - this looks great for reviewing the doc within Talk.

Just to reiterate, though, I think the “doc” is only a temporary place to frame a document that eventually belongs on the wiki.

Wierd - there’s a lag in the updating from doc to Talk - it’s not uncoupled, but it’s far from real time (currently Talk shows a version of the doc that’s about 5 minutes old).

Mike Seaton @mseaton was willing to join the Objective #2 group. I made some edits on the google doc (see URL and embedded image above) earlier today.

I’m not sure what our next step should be.

Have a call to go through the doc?

Ask for edits by group members?

I am traveling Th/Fr next week, so best for me if we can do something early in the week. Late afternoon Seattle time, early evening E. Coast time works best for me.

By the way…

Obviously I have strong feelings about what the most common OpenMRS use case is.

But I figured I’d recuse myself a bit, and let others write out these goals and tasks, without as much of my history.

Of course I’m happy to chime in at some point if you want to hear from me.

personally, I would love to have your input. Jan told me that, after I left, it was decided that each person should focus on one of the objectives, but I think we had a great “progressive dinner-style” conversation Thursday evening with @pascal and @darius, in addition to the people already on the list for this group Help welcomed from all!

I made some edits and reorgs to the google doc. I’ve been using Track Changes on the google doc, and sometime after 24 hours from now (friday evening, Pacific time) I’ll use lazy consensus to start accepting any changes which have not been disputed through revision or comment.

I think the features list should be split up between those features that seem to pertain to process, and those features that pertain to functional requirements for the reference app. I didn’t try to do that splitting yet.

Maybe we can get some stuff done w/o a phone call! Good night.

i think having a call to go through the doc makes sense ( is this the one that Jonathan is leading at this time?) but you can ask for edits prior to that call.

Suranga and i worked number 6 yesterday, and the changes are on the document–but we are going to set up a call for next week about this one

let me know if i can help. i am willing to join the call or look at it if you want

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Yes. Jonathan is the interim lead for this objective (one summary I saw said Burke was co-lead?). Jonathan emailed me last night to say he’d be catching up over the weekend.

Edits are, as you say, welcome!

My comment below about dividing features specific to the functional requirements and features specific to the software development process seems like an important area to tackle next.

I think that there has been some focus on using the reference app to demonstrate improved release processes. More broadly, I think release processes are another meta-area (objective 6?) where the same patterns would be applicable to platform releases, reference app releases, content releases, and documentation/education materials releases. Those same patterns, and the rationale for them, should be available to distributions as best practices for them to adopt, also.



Sent from tiny keys - please excuse typos, dictation errors, and haste-made waste…

Hi folks! We now have a place to propose sessions for OMRS15 in Singapore, and would like each strategic objective group to present each objective in a short plenary session. Please take a moment to add a session idea for this strategic objective here (using the other sessions as a guide):

Thank you!

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I’m back on line now – thanks Bill et. al. for getting this off the ground. I agree, let’s get a time to meet and agree on the principles as well as the online editing of the doc. Let’s schedule it – @burke, @k_joseph, @akanter, @lober, @janflowers, @maurya, @terry, how many of you will be at the AMIA meeting next week? We can get those of us together who are there in San Francisco, and dial/Uberconference in everyone else.

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I’m arriving in SF Sunday mid-afternoon, staying through Wed AM. Need to get over to UCSF for a global health meeting or two at some point but mostly I’ll be around the conference. Have UCSF meetings starting at 2PM Wed, so can’t do it after.

Let’s be sure to include @pascal @mseaton and @darius in the invite. They brought up great points in the several hours we spent discussing on Thursday night at Bradford Woods. While Darius’ note in this thread points out that he has a pretty specific vision for the reference app, and so recused himself, I think we should discuss whether Bahmni is the reference app, or an endorsed distribution (Objective #3, if they choose to use that term), or both. So, having him recuse himself isn’t going to get us to shared agreement on the outcome.


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And, I guess I should add… Since we clearly can’t have a face to face meeting with all stakeholders, it’s important that people can participate by calling in, and by editing the document.

i am at amia and can participate–but would be great to decide on a time.

I won’t be at AMIA, but I’m happy to join via Skype/uberconference.

I will also attend via Skype/Uberconference.

I can attend using either skype or uberconference depending on the time when the discussion will be held. however, i will not be at AMIA

@jteich - following up your thought to get the group together for a meeting/call while at AMIA. Is there a time that you would like to bring folks together?

I’m arriving at the in a couple of hours - Sunday late afternoon. Maybe an early AM call (SF time) would work well for both West Coast and Africa, and it’s easy enough for the East Coast of the US. I’m booked Tues AM at 7, and may have a meeting Monday AM, so would prefer Wed AM, or some other time of day.