Strategic Objective 1: Platform

@akanter, @k_joseph, @darius, @janflowers, @maurya,

We agreed to develop a proposed list of goals & tasks (including measures) for OpenMRS Community Objective #1: Develop and evolve the OpenMRS Platform, the foundational product of our community in time for OMRS15.

I have taken the goals and tasks developed at OMRScamp, moved them into a Google Doc, and have started editing them toward that goal:

As you likely know, I will not be around 7-Nov thru 22-Nov. I will post a Doodle poll here shortly to figure out if we can get at least a few of us together tomorrow to chat, get the ball rolling, and try to make some progress in my absence.


@akanter, @k_joseph, @darius, @janflowers, @maurya,

Please vote on this Doodle Poll on when/if you could meet for 45-60 minutes of brainstorming.

Thanks for responding quickly. It looks like the best time for folks is 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM UTC. Sorry, @k_joseph. :worried:

Let’s meet on uberconference.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Agree on approach & format
  2. Review current goals
  3. Brainstorm on tasks
  4. Plan for next 2 weeks

We had a sparsely-attended first call today (Burke, Andy, myself). We are hoping to lean on @maurya to to be the lead coordinator of this committee while Burke is out for the next 2 weeks. (Burke should be contacting you directly about that.)

I want to highlight this specifically for @terry and others on Objective #6:

(I am paraphrasing Burke; this is not my own opinion)

  1. By the Singapore meeting we can define the minimum FTE needed to ensure that a hybrid dedicated/seconded+volunteer development model works effectively. (Project Manager, etc.)

  2. We cannot estimate the actual FTEs that need to be wrangled/fundraised for until we have: (a) vetted a technical roadmap with the community (b) understood what the community thinks strategic 1-year requirements are © determined if community members can commit to implementing roadmap items and these will happen at the Singapore meeting, and as followup to it.

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that sounds fine.will the technical roadmap include timelines and some possible metrics?

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Technical roadmap will not have timelines by the Singapore meeting. (I think it will be a stretch even after input from the Singapore meeting to have anything other than aspirational timelines.)

Hi all,

I didn’t sign up for Objective #1, but I thought that I should raise a conversation around it anyway. Looking at our technical roadmap, and what needs to get done, it seems to me that one of the best ways to making sure that these get done is to put them on the GSoC 2016 plate. Looking at the timeline, I see several fine plums - Clinical decision support, patient lookup, simple dispensing etc.

Also, it seems that there are at least a few community members who are interested in driving these discussions forward. And so, would it make sense to start planning to get these fruit onto the GSoC project list over the next few months?

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Thanks for this @surangak. I didn’t sign up for this either, but I’m interested in getting involved. Especially in the area of CDS.


Yeaaaaas… I knew that you might :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on a Google Doc for Objective #1 (Platform goals for 2016), stymied by clinic and other things over the past few days, but plan to post it later today.

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On this specific piece: historically, making something a GSoC project is not a reliable way to ensure that it gets done. It’s a reliable way to make sure something gets worked on. (And it’s great for projects that are valuable-but-not-critical-path.)

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Yeah, just had this conversation with @burke. We’re on the same page :slight_smile: :smile:

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Apologies for not being able to attend the first meeting.

As there are new members interested I have started a doodle poll for this week (if possible) and the coming week to see when the participants can make it for about an hour.

Doodle Poll

We can discuss further based on the doc that Burke referenced in this thread.


@maurya, that doodle poll is too big. :slight_smile:

Broadly speaking my schedule is very tight for the next 10 days. I am pretty available (outside of OpenMRS calls) on Nov 19 and 20.

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@darius :joy:,

I didn’t understand when people would prefer usually like the time and the days, as a trail run I gave a long poll, Apologies. I filled yours out myself as you are complaining :joy::grinning::laughing:

If others (one or more) prefer similarly to the end of next week then I can adjust the poll to to display only those dates.

Hi folks! We now have a place to propose sessions for OMRS15 in Singapore, and would like each strategic objective group to present each objective in a short plenary session. Please take a moment to add a session idea for this strategic objective here (using the other sessions as a guide):

Thank you!

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@akanter, @k_joseph, @janflowers, @pascal and @surangak. If you could vote on the poll soon,we can fix a date and time to set the second meeting.

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Looks like 19th is good enough for me too, i have just filled in my time in the doodle poll, thanks @maurya

Looks like November 19th, 2015 - 11AM to 12 PM EST works for most of us (Unfortunately not for Andy).

Lets meet on uberconference.

Maurya, can you post this to the OpenMRS Calendar? we want to start posting the meetings around the objectives to be posted on the calendar to make them more transparent.